Thursday, March 29, 2012

Raya is using her legs

I love how she has her legs up to hold it up!

Davids Draw Something

Monday, March 26, 2012

Draw Something - Aarons clue

Aaron drew this for me and I had NO idea what it could be. David was with him when he drew it. He tried giving me clues - brown and inside can be yellow, sometimes dry & flaky or wet, use different instruments to get it out...'s an EAR!

Aaron told David what it was and there was yellow stuff inside! How observant!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 2012 - Spring far

Raya and I were hanging out at the Sophomore Songfest practice where it was just us and the class president. Poor thing. I really hope more people show up eventually. 

Raya said "Look at me Mom!" and there she was walking, walking on her tippy toes. What a funny girl!
 She had originally pulled down both of her eyes but when I tried to get her to do it again, she just did the one eye. What a weirdo...I wonder where she gets it from? :P
Probably from the both of us! Haha.
 We went bike riding around the block for a little bit today. Aaron got stuck and Raya got off her bike and helped give him a little push. "Mom, me push Aaron" she informed me as she went back on her bike.
I think it's quite funny how she's "riding" her bike with her feet on tiptoe! She actually moved a lot faster this way than trying to push her bike.
 Aaron wanted to take pictures with my phone and got mad when I told him no. He wanted to take pictures with my phone because "it has a light" (a flash). I don't know why but he really likes to take pictures with a flash. Does he know something I don't?
 Today's March Photo of the Day - clouds
On the other side of the house, the sky was filled with gray clouds and no blue at all. I like this side better. *edited with Instagram
 Yesterday evening we were at Laie Elementary and the kids were playing on the "fire truck". Raya was having a ball "driving". Aaron asked for a turn and Raya said no...
...which explains the "I asked nice Mom and she still won't let me have a turn. What's up with that?" look on Aaron's face. 
 I love the fact that my kids will sleep in just as long as I sleep in...for the most part. Love waking up past 8am.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hawaii + Heavy Rains = A LOT of Water!

Heavy rains in Hawaii had the school parking lot looking like a lake! 
 The track was a moat without a castle.
Our neighborhood all wet and drying off.
A week later or so, the heavy rains and thunderstorm canceled school for Aaron on Friday (3/9/12) - he was so sad, he really wanted to go to school. 
Laie flooded among other places. 
Luckily we didn't get any water in our place. 
David woke up early and went outside to help our neighbors sandbag their houses then he had to go to work. Glad the rain died down. There was hail on other parts of the island. I just stayed inside. I didn't have work that day. It was a DLWOP (Directed Leave WithOut Pay) day, basically a furlough which meant my spring break had started! What weather to start off the break! 
Hope it clears up! I want to play outside with the kids!

Day in Town - 3/10/12

Thanks to PCC and their Keiki Scavenger Hunt book and the coupons in the back, we got some free Keiki ice cream with a purchase of a Signature Creation. Gotta Have It came with a free Waffle cone so why the heck not? The kids got chocolate ice cream with crushed Oreos. David got a Pie one and I got a Mint one. I can't remember the names and I'm way too lazy to look up the names.
 I won a little contest on Tech Armor Hawaii's Facebook page for an iPhone bumper. It was a long shot since someone had already answered correctly (in my opinion) but the Tech Armor people said that someone else that answered the question wrong and I had won. But then we all ended up winning. Whatever! I got a free bumper! It's a generic bumper but I like it. It's orange and black. I had to go all the way to Ala Moana to pick it up before March 15th so Saturday was a good a time as any to go.
The Tech Armor guy's iphone camera wasn't working so I took the picture with my phone. How silly that the iphone guy's phone wasn't working.

 We stopped off at the Apple Store to look around and the kids played with the iPads for a bit then we walked around the mall for a little bit.
The kids like looking at the koi fish. They are pretty cool. and HUGE!
Raya didn't want to sit in the stroller so she stayed with David. We went to Children's Place and got Aaron a belt! Aaron has a small waist and his church pants would fall down so hopefully this remedies that problem. 

We went to Ross to browse. David ended up scoring some 14.5 basketball shoes for $17! WHOO HOO! What a deal! Raya got some cute Dora sandals to wear to church since she was only wearing her slippers.

Raya and Aaron apparently don't need toys. All they need is a full length mirror to entertain themselves! They were having so much fun!

Raya is such a funny girl! She sure loves to take pictures! There's that wink again!

Thanks to PCC and their Keiki Scavenger Hunt book and the coupons in the back, we got some free Keiki ice cream with a purchase of a Signature Creation. Gotta Have It came with a free Waffle cone so why the heck not? The kids got chocolate ice cream with crushed Oreos. David got a Pie one and I got a Mint one. I can't remember the names and I'm way too lazy to look up the names.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Canadian Cousin in Hawaii

My cousin Bertrand and his wife came to Hawaii for their honeymoon and we met up with them twice while they were here.
Here are some random pictures out of order of our time together.

This was on President's Day. We picked them up after my SIL and I finished the Great Aloha Run and they came over to our house.

We couldn't decide where to eat for lunch but finally decided to eat at Tita's Grill. I can't believe we didn't take pictures of our food. They also tried Kahuku Superette's shoyu poke. Lunch was a success!
After eating, we went to Hukilau Beach. It was so cold and windy but there were still plenty people there in the water. David, Bert and May all went in. I just went up to my knees and turned around. I'm a wuss.

Olivia and I with Raya. Raya is always tired after being in the ocean.

 May playing in the sand with Aaron. He refuses to get in the water.
 After the beach, we drove them back to Waikiki. Before we said goodbye, we made a few stops.

We went to Windward Mall so cousin Bert could get a "Defend Hawaii" sticker and some Ben & Jerry's ice cream.
Raya was trying to sneak some of David's ice cream with her spoon.
Then we went to Waikiki.

We stopped at Cheesecake factory first to get the sensor to secure our spot. Bert and May took us to a noodle place in Waikiki which was about a block away.

 I didn't bring the stroller so David carried Raya on his shoulders.
The noodle place. 
You can watch them make the noodles!
 I just liked this lantern.
 It's a cafeteria style restaurant. You go in, grab a tray and order while walking down to the cashier. We had no idea what to order so Cousin Bert ordered for us. The food was really good and the prices weren't bad at all. I think we might have to go again if we ever are in Waikiki.

After eating noodles, we went back to Cheesecake Factory and ordered our desserts.

The kids attacking my cheesecake. Mostly for the whipped cream.

 All whipped cream on that spoon
 Our desserts.
 Raya and her wink. I have no idea where she learned it from.
 Aaron wanted me to take a picture of him. *side note - My mom got him this shirt in California and he refused to try it on. Now he wears it all the time!*
 Aaron taking a picture of Bert and May.
 Aaron also took this picture of Raya.
 Aaron also took this one. I love Bert's pose!
 Aww. What a nice picture Aaron took of the couple. very cute!
 Raya was trying to cut her bread with a knife.
 David is such a weirdo. yes, Aaron also loves to get his picture taken.

 the end.

Random Raya Feb/March 2012

Raya loves taking pictures. and winking. Winking is her new thing.

 Raya was using me as her chair the other day.
 Modeling some earmuffs at Grandma's
 All these faces are her idea. I just copied her.
 She's so funny!
 See the wink again? She's trying on Olivia's heels and posing for the camera. Olivia's heels are probably the only heels she'll ever get to wear. (I don't own heels - read the 2nd paragraph)
 Raya was playing with my phone during Mutual (3/6/12) and taking pictures of her forehead and this is the BEST picture she's ever taken! I love her expression! Had me LLOL - Literally Laugh Out Loud.
 TMI - Too Much Information
This spaghetti noodle was up Raya's nose. How it got up there is a mystery. Olivia thought she had string cheese up her nose earlier but it disappeared when she went to help her get it out. A little while later I found it on her shirt. She must've sneezed it out! So gross and yet so hilarious!
 Always ready for the camera!
I can hardly ever do candid shots of her. She sees me pull out my phone and "bam", all smiles!