Saturday, September 29, 2012

Laie Elementary Carnival 2012

My friend Vic took this pic. I totally took it off his FB but this is a great picture of what we did tonight! We went to the Laie Carnival! Had some dinner and let the kids play! We bought them wristbands and had unlimited access to their rides. They loved going in the jumpers and inflatable slides! Raya would get mad at me when I would try to help her up the slide. She was a pro by the end of the night! It was fun and it was nice to help support the different grade levels at the elementary school.

Aaron and his friend Johnny took turns rolling down the hill by the basketball courts and jump over each other as they were rolling. They had a lot of fun doing that!

Aaron & Raya riding the train on the basketball court. I wanted to go on with them but there wasn't enough space for me. I asked Raya to sit on my lap and she refused. So I had to let my baby go by herself...well, she had Aaron to watch her. I got irritated though when the train stopped and the older kids went to jump on, one kid pushed Raya and she almost fell off the train car. Good thing she caught herself. I reminded the kid to wait next time for everyone to get off before they went on again. I think their mom was right behind me but I don't care. Sheesh, teach your kid some manners! Ok, vent over. The kids loved going on the train, it's pretty much like the one in the mall that they always wave to but never get to ride! :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

David Got A Concussion

David plays basketball with his boys in the cultural hall in our church building pretty much every Tuesday & Thursday night around 9pm till about 12am depending on who's there.
This past Tuesday September 18, 2012, David came home around 10:45pm which caught me off guard since he's hardly home this early. He come in with a bloody towel on his head and tells me he fell while playing ball and his friend Allen was going to take him to the hospital. He goes into the bathroom to check out his injury and comes out not remembering that he had taken his shoes off, brought his basketball home or that he had already told me Allen was coming.
I was worried at this point and called Allen to see what his ETA was. When he got to our house, David had already started asking me what was going on and not really remembering what I just told him. I told Allen to tell the ER doctor about David's rapidly deteriorating memory loss and to keep me updated. David wouldn't get in the car until Allen told him what happened and then asked again IN the car.
The ER doctor called me from Allen's phone & let me know that David had just suffered a concussion and that memory loss is a common symptom. He also told me to keep an eye on him and wake him up every couple hours to make sure he's ok and not vomiting excessively.
David came home with 8 staples in his head and a lot of questions. Apparently he was asking Allen the same questions over and over so Allen finally kept telling him lies since David wouldn't remember anyway.
He couldn't get his head wet and he was pretty stinky and sweaty from having played basketball so since he couldn't remember what happened? I decided to keep an eye on him to make sure he didn't wash his head. After the shower and he was all clean, he kept asking me the same questions over and over & refused to go to sleep until he "figured things out". He kept me up until 3am with the following questions or inquiries.
1. What's the date? Tues Sept 18 or Wed Sept 19 after 12am. His response every time? "Hey! My birthday's on Friday!"
2. What's the year?
3. We have two kids right? Aaron & Raya? 4 & 2? - he kept getting up to take a look at them.
4. What do I do? Stay-at-home Dad. Response? He did a fist pump with a "Yes!"
5. What did I do before staying at home?
6. You're still a teacher?

He would sometimes stand up and I'll ask him where he's going & he say he wanted to look at his head and I'd have to remind him that I took a picture so it's already on the phone.

He would not go to sleep! He even managed to go shave his face when I must've dozed off ( I had told him not to worry about it).

He finally fell asleep around 3 or maybe I did since I don't remember answering any more questions. Good thing I was taking the day off the next day. I wouldn't have lasted at work!

His dad came over the next morning to give him a priesthood blessing and his mom came later that morning to check on him. (he barely remembers this and thought he might have been dreaming).

I posted on Facebook & Twitter that he got a concussion and his friends that were there filled us in on what had happened.

David was getting fouled a bunch (apparently this happens a lot) and he was getting frustrated. He had the ball and drove it hard to the basket but some guys fouled him and he lost his balance and tripped over his friend's leg. His lower back hit the floor first, landed on his arm and his head hit the floor HARD.

He still doesn't remember that night which is what the ER doctor said would happen. Otherwise he is all good and his short term memory is intact. Thanks for all the get well wishes and offer for help. We really appreciate all your love!

Now all he wants to know is when he can go back to play basketball!

David's 29th Birthday

We ate at Cattle Company Steakhouse for David's birthday. We went on Saturday, the day after his actual birthday. In the top picture is his prime rib, loaded baked potato & onion rings. Bottom picture is my top sirloin with grilled prawns, garlic mash potatoes. (I also got a Caesar salad.) The food looked so good, we forgot to take pictures BEFORE we started eating, hence the cuts & bites in our food!

They brought out dessert (giant cookie & vanilla ice cream) and sang "Happy Birthday" to him. Aaron was fascinated by the servers.

It was a fun meal and we definitely left very full! :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Raya the Nursery Whisperer

Thanks Ashlyn for sharing this picture. I love when I hear my kids doing nice things like this. Makes us real proud to be her parents!

I would take credit but this is all Raya!

Ashlyn also wrote a blog post about her daughter trying out Nursery for the first time and told the story about Raya helping Mahie. Seriously, I got all teary eyed reading it, I'm so proud of Raya.

*Christlike Story of the Day!
And then as they had clean up time, Mahie got overwhelmed in the middle of all the kids, didn't see me and started to cry. *And this is where I got emotional.......

Little Raya Yuen saw Mahie crying and walked over, looked at her for a few seconds and then walked away. However, before I crossed the room to comfort my daughter, Raya returned dragging a chair. She placed the chair behind Mahie, and somehow knew Mahie couldn't sit on her own. So she took Mahie's hand and helped her up on the chair (Mahie's tears had stopped as she watched Raya). Raya then brought another chair, sat right next to Mahie and handed her a toy doll to play with. Mahie was not only comforted, but smiled and followed Raya around the rest of Nursery for snacks and lesson time. I shared this story with Raya's mom Carol and thanked her for Raya's Christlike spirit and love.  

Friday, September 14, 2012

Random Photos from August..I think...

Raya playing with her "sword"

 My sister and I did a Hot Hula Master Class with the creator Anna-Rita Sloss at BYUH. It was super fun. I have a bunch of friends who teach Hot Hula and it's a really fun workout. Sometimes I wish I was confident enough to get certified so I could teach it. I'd love to get paid to work out.

Here's a picture of everybody that was there! Pretty cool huh?! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

We Walked to the Temple One Sunday in July

The kids were being really rowdy one day after church and so I decided to take the kids for a walk to the Laie Temple Visitors' Center. 
They had a fun time pushing the buttons and watching the little films on the screen. 

Raya looked so cute looking out the window at the temple. I wish I could have gotten the temple in the picture but it was way too sunny and bright. 

There is a display of a Hawaiian Book of Mormon. Fun fact: When David was in the BYUH 7th Ward as one of the counselors in the bishopric, his bishop, Dean Ellis discovered one of his family members was a missionary in Hawaii. I believe he had a copy of the Book of Mormon in Hawaiian. 
I'm pretty sure there's more to that story but I don't want to tell you anything without knowing for sure. 

We had fun taking pictures. Silly pictures that is. Aaron did the pose all by himself. I don't know if he just made that up or if he saw that somewhere.

These stones are to be the foundation of the new BYUH hale that they're building on campus. 
Pretty cool huh?!

September 2012

Raya being independent and putting her shoes on all by herself when I came to pick them up from Grandma's house one day, hence the backpack. 
Riding our bikes around Laie one evening. I kept getting annoyed with Aaron for going so slow only to discover when we got home that he had THE FLATTEST tires. Sorry buddy! 

Mimo's first church dance!

Love these weirdos
Kids' dentist's office
Went to the mall to get Aaron & Raya's keiki ID's since they were doing it for free! 
Raya getting her thumb inked. 
Aaron getting his picture taken. 

Raya is all ready for her photo op!
Pretty nice! 

Playing Hanafuda with Grandpa Larry 
Walking to church
I think this was a loco moco I made & stuffed some burger patties with cheese which is why there is pizza sauce on some of them. 
My nails matched my bracelet! I know, I'm a dork. 
Aaron's lunch bag broke but luckily David fixed it! 
I made meatballs! 
Aaron crying at Mutual for some reason and being the mean mom that I am. I took a picture! Raya was so sweet comforting him. 
Trying on Mr. Potato Head's glasses
We were hanging out at my in-laws super late one night and Raya got tired of waiting and fell asleep. 
We voted. Did our civic duty.