Thursday, April 18, 2013

Parts of April 2013

Raya was small kine sick and got me really sick. I was out of school for TWO days. Wednesday, I started feeling really crappy. I had a headache, runny nose, cough. I am surprised I even got home from work on my bike Wednesday afternoon. I literally wanted to fall over and just lay on the side of the road. 
Thursday - I literally could not get out of bed. I was burning up and David almost didn't even believe me. I stayed in bed all day and got up to eat something, just to get some food in my body. (I'm not even sure saimin is counted as real food.) Friday, I got out of bed just to see Aaron get his Super Citizen certificate. 

Here's Raya all sick and sleeping. 
Sunday we had stake conference and I almost didn't go but I decided to get my body out of bed and I'm glad I did. 
There was a youth choir and it was amazing! It gave me chills listening to them sing! The speakers were what I needed to hear! 

Some pancit & lumpia my friend and neighbor gave us. I love pancit! 

Went to David's friend's wedding & saw David's cousin's husband who was part of the wedding line. (This picture was taken by Aaron.)

Saw our friends the Gancinia's. 
Newlyweds smushing came in each other's faces! 
The AMAZING food! 

This was just some part of April. 
Gonna start updating the blog more often!