Friday, September 30, 2011

Party Rock

We love the song Party Rock and we will all start dancing. These two videos were from a while ago. I can't remember which video it is but Aaron does a little of his breakdancing moves or a handstand.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Hope you enjoyed it and if you really did watch both videos all the way through, please let me know when he does it.

Aaron & Raya

I have all these pictures of Aaron and Raya together and it's about time I blogged them!

I love that face!

It looks like he was about bite her cheek!

Lovely smiles!

We're hip, we're cool, we wear our sunglasses at the pool! Ok not really but it rhymed ;)

After taking a bath. They look ao cute in their towels!

Playing at Laie Shopping Center

Playing on the Wii

YouTube Video

Aaron playing while Raya is just realizing her Wii-mote doesn't really work :)

During the summer and spraying each other

Keeping quiet in church with David

Olivia's photo bomb in an otherwise nice sibling photo

FaceTime with Olivia

and Luke

Cousin Ariana

Laying down while shoe shopping

She had just fallen off the box while Aaron was in it

Playing their iPods on the bed

Hanging on David while riding on the exercise ball

Riding bikes outside

Stickers all over!

Playing on TOP of the couch

Chasing and yelling at chickens at Laie Shopping Center

Swinging on the bike racks in the back parking lot

These guys are so fun to be with!

Lost Drafts: Raya grew out of bed

Raya has officially grown out of her bassinet and (thanks to David) is now sleeping in her playpen/crib!!

That was said prematurely..she lasted for a couple of hours and then wound up on the bed again. 

I don't even know when I wrote this draft!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sister Mailani Yuen

Sister Yuen got called to serve in the Little Rock, Arkansas mission.
The following are pictures of one day.
After her missionary farewell in Hauula 3rd Ward, we had a little get together for family and friends at the house.
It was right after sacrament as you can still see all the leis she has on.
Hiilei and Mailani...erm..Sister Yuen.

With Mimo this time

Instagrammed our family pic

Right before getting set apart

At Grandma Kaluna Yuen's place in Pearl City before heading to the airport.
Goofy siblings

Anela's photo bomb

Saying aloha at the airport.
I got this at a weird time, it was either before or after the hug :)

Hugging Pono

Kaai (who was headed to his mission in Uganda in the next couple weeks)

Nephew Don

Nephew E

Niece Zoe and sister Pii

One more time with Hiilei!

Oops, I accidentally blocked Raya!

I love this picture of her and David!

She'll be back in less than 18 months!
Yes, I know she left in July but I just got around to blogging again!

Raya Rewind

This is gonna be a Raya overload. finally blogging old pictures
Cupcake face!

Hiilei doing her hair

Back then it was long enough ti put in a small ponytail in back but short enough to need a bobby pin for the front.

Raya trying to make the peace sign with her fingers. "peesh"

It was a super hot day & she got to enjoy some ice cream.

Not wanting to share her strawberry.

Watching tv

Watching the performance at our reunion.


Let me put a barette in her hair and posed. Then took it out right after.

Crying after the beach. I don't remember what it was about but I thought it was funny the way she has her hand over her face It's oh so dramatic!


Light saber and holding a baby. She's hardcore :)

Ice-cream at YW. Thanks to Teylon for taking the pictures.

Has her baby in Aaron's lunch bag while wearing Aaron's slippers.

Drinking Olivia's acai drink and getting it all over her face!

Her funny little face

Random poses. This girl cracks me up :)

Aww. So sweet with Aunty Hiilei

I love this picture of her with the flower in her hair.

Trying to take her sandals off by herself.

'nuff said!