Thursday, June 25, 2009

Aaron's 1st Haircut

Aaron's hair was getting long and since it was getting super hot, we thought it would be a good idea to buzz his head.
David got out his hair clippers and shaved Aaron's head.

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Aaron was a pretty good trooper in the beginning but then he started rubbing his eyes got hair in it and cried!
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The finished product! (Good job David!!)
Smiling with Daddy and showing off their new haircuts!

David and Carol's Haircuts

This is David and I before our haircuts.

See David's little fro? David cut his own hair and I got the back.
below is the only picture I have of my long hair which was a couple months before I actually cut it! David cut my hair because it was getting way TOO long and way hot so I decided it was long enough for me to cut off the 10 inches needed to donate to Locks of Love. (which I still need to mail)
He ended up cutting off like 12 inches...

Here is Aaron and David with their new do's.
I still have yet to take a picture of my short hair...but think layered shoulder length...

Aaron and his first "ow"

Aaron's first encounter with a real live cat. He kept saying "ow" whenever he saw it.
When the cat got real close, he'd push on the cat...
pet/squash the cat...
try to be nice to it...
and pull on it's hair...

I was really surprised the cat didn't bite or scratch him!
Apparently the cat is used to little kids around all the time and is pretty easy going. phew.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Sorry I haven't blogged for awhile. My laptop was out of commission (again) and therefore I didn't upload any pictures or feel like blogging without the visuals. So here's a little post to fill you up while I upload the pictures and proceed to post. later.

We were at the beach celebrating my FIL's birthday which was also on Memorial Day and I was putting sunscreen on Aaron. I decided to give Aaron a little mohawk!

Showing off his look to someone...

He looks retarded in this picture and I have no idea what he's doing

The mohawk.

P.S. If you didn't read on Facebook, we cut Aaron's hair. Yup, buzzed it all off! Pictures and posts to come. (Actually we all cut our hair!)

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Guess what?!
I'm gonna get a little brother or sister in December!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

You'e never too old... play with magnets!!

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We were over at our friend's, the Akinaka's, for dinner with Shaun and the boys started playing with magnets and discovering how strong the magnets were. As you can see from the picture, they stuck it everywhere on their face it would hold!
Silly boys!!
My camera was acting up and taking red and purple pictures. I tried to fix it up the best I could.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Hard Rock Cafe

KCCN FM100 had a contest a couple weeks ago...which I won!
It was 10 at night and we randomly decided to call and see if we could be the 10th caller. I tried twice and it was still busy so I was going to stop but David convinced me to try one more time and it worked! I won a Hard Rock Cafe prize pack and an automatic entry into a contest to win a trip to London for a Battle of the Bands concert. We just had to be at Hard Rock Cafe by 9pm.
The Friday came when we headed out to Hard Rock Cafe in Waikiki, we dropped Aaron off at my in-laws and arrived right on time...but there was NO PARKING!! David dropped me off so I could sign in by 9pm and drove around forever and a day looking for a spot. He finally found one in the parking lot once someone finally left!
I claimed my Hard Rock prize pack--an VIP all access card to Hard Rock Cafe...
We put our names into the contest for the London trip (I automatically had an entry cuz of my winningness) and listened to the first band perform. It was so loud and I was getting so tired. The first band finished and the contest began. My name got called and I went up on the stage with 4 other people. We just had to strum our guitars (which were super heavy) and if the sound came on, that guitar would move on to the finals. David's name also got called and he got to go up on the stage. Unfortunately neither of us were able to move on to the finals.

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After neither of us made it to the finals, we were going to stay for the second band but I was super tired that we went home. I know, I'm getting so old!
It was a fun night out even if it was super loud and all I got was a card.