Thursday, June 28, 2012

Impromtu Family Reunion (April 2012)

David's Grandpa Luckie's sister's husband and family were staying in Hauula for vacation and we didn't find out until their second to last day here. 
They invited everybody (Grandma Ronie, Hauula Yuen's, Laie Yuen's, Cocco's, & Tuimanuei-Betham's) over to eat dinner and hang out at the place they were renting out. 

It was fun getting to know everybody. 

Unfortunately, I didn't even think about getting a group photo. There was A LOT of people!

David had a little jam sesh with his cousin and Uncle Dave Robertson.
Here is a picture of the Robertson's as a couple missionary in Hong Kong.
(I took this picture because my brother served there the same time they were serving. Cool!)

I have a picture with him to show my brother.

Anyway, it was super cool getting to know everyone and hope they come back to visit soon!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Brave" at Windward Mall

We went to watch Brave at Windward Mall on Saturday. When I was standing in line with Raya to get into the theater, a girl behind us dropped her can of smuggled-in Pepsi and it exploded all over me and like four other people in the line. Good thing I had wipes! I did have sticky hair but whatevs.

During the movie, we were sitting in front of these pre-teens and they started talking in the previews - they got really excited when Katy Perry's movie came on and even started singing along. oy. When the movie started, they started reciting the lines and gave us a play by play. I was so close to turning around and telling them to be quiet but they stopped after a while so I let it go. 

We enjoyed the movie (Raya would cover her face with my hand when she got scared. haha!).

After the movie, we took the kids to play in the mall playground. 

 They love playing there!

We walked around and browsed around some stores.
David found this orange foam bat and that bat is a lot harder than it looks or sounds.
 Raya found a sword to swing around.

 We also got cool new cases that David ordered off Amazon.
They are pretty neat!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Rewind - earlier this year (2012)

Aaron wanted me to take pictures of him balancing on the chair.

And of course Raya wanted to copy Aaron.

Father's Day 2012

Can you tell which team David was cheering for? 

This was a late Father's Day gift for David. 

(Yes, he picked it and bought it himself.)

(I STINK like a thousand skunks when it comes to getting him gifts.)

I love how Laie 4th Ward Primary draws a picture of their dad and they put all the pictures on a huge poster in the foyer. 
 Here's Aaron's picture of David.

Pure awesomeness! 
Happy Father's Day babe! We love you!

Summer 2012 - BYUH Pool

We've only been to the pool five times! It may only be for an hour or two but it's so much fun! Aaron is slowly getting in and not just staying on the steps. He still is apprehensive about getting into the water but baby steps!

Here they are so excited to head out to the pool to play with their aunts, uncle and cousins!

I love Raya's tan line! I think it's hilarious!

Rewind - Valentine's Day 2012

Found a heart in the sidewalk by our house.
David knows the way to my heart, seriously, food is the way to go! 
M. Wilson's famous sugar cookies at a Valentine's Day RS party. 
Happy Valentine's Day babe! You are amazing!

Rewind - PCC Feb/March 2012

Visited PCC with David's missionary companions parents and friends that were in town.
Throwing spears in Tonga

David got the spear in the circle and hence got the cool headpiece.
Feeding the fish
Aaron throwing his spear
Fishing in Tahiti
Getting into the village and Aaron insisted on pushing the stroller.
in the midst of the spear throw
getting the fish food
Feeding the birds
They loved feeding the birds
It was a really fun day at PCC!

Rewind - Random Feb 2012

Aaron drew on the dashboard while we were waiting for David to get off of work. smh. I got it off but sometimes when you look at it, you can still see the crayon lines.

Teacher meme (is that the correct term?)

Orange day - I had a lot of these days the 2nd semester of school.
Kids sharing so nicely!

Rewind - Feb 2012

Cousin from Canada came to Hawaii for his honeymoon. Came to David's family potluck at Kakela's.

David played volleyball with Raya in his arms.
Raya playing in the sand.
Ariana, Kali and Aaron took Chelsea's phone and took pictures of themselves!
Funny kids!

Family picture as Raya sleeps. 

Ariana and Raya playing in the sand. 
Another picture of David playing volleyball with Raya.
Breakfast at Hukilau Cafe earlier with the cousins and Olivia.
Cousin Bert with Raya.

Thanks to Olivia, Chelsea and my iPhone for the pictures! 
The pictures are also pretty much out of order due to Blogger being funkydunky but you get the idea!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Raya sitting on the top of the couch pretending it's a horse and going "Yee-haw! I'm a cowboy girl!" while wearing Aaron's May Day hat.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Random church happenings

I don't remember when this was but Aaron was having a blast with his tie.
He'd roll it up and then "Ready, Set, Go!"...

and let go! I think at one point he was racing with David! haha!!
 Raya was putting her Dora sandals on by herself. She refused to get help from any of us.

 She can be so independent!