Thursday, June 17, 2010

Getting his own cereal

I made Aaron cereal so I could nurse Raya. He finished and wanted more. I told him he'd have to wait but Aaron insisted he could do it by himself.
He went and got the cereal and was going to pour it into his bowl but I stopped him since I didn't want a mess. So he used his smart brain and used his hand to get the cereal out and into his bowl.
He's growing up so fast!

Raya: Holding herself up (4/30)

Raya holding herself up
and then she decided to eat her hand instead

A wedding and an owie

We were attending David's cousin, Kaimi's wedding reception and Aaron was off playing with the other kids and his aunties. They came back and told us Aaron was crying super hard. We checked it out and it turned out he had gotten his finger smashed in a window.
The girls (the aunties) told us that there was a girl that was outside the window and she was being kinda mean. She grabbed a chocolate bar from Aaron's cousin and shut the window on Aaron's hands.
I was really upset but it ended up being ok. The girl happened to come by our table and she apologized for both instances.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cousins with Uncle David

This was taken back in March at the in-laws. You will be able to see in the pictures that the all the kids love to play on David. 
They all decided to ride him like a horse!
David is also really strong and can lift up his niece 
 and nephew. (haha, I just noticed that Makana and Aaron are doing the shaka in the first picture!)
and of course, Aaron had to get in on the action! (one handed too! David is so awesome!)
They all had to pose for a group picture too!
There were actually several takes before a majority of the people were looking at the camera. 
Don't they look like fun?!