Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Raya's Left Eye

The kids were playing outside today and all of a sudden I hear Raya crying pretty hard. I know it's serious because Raya is pretty tough. She comes inside crying and it turns out she was walking and slipped and fell on her face. 

She let us clean it a little bit but she really wanted ice for her face. Our ice pack is pretty huge, she just laid her face on it. She ended up falling asleep on the ice pack. 
She wouldn't really let me take a picture so I snuck one when she was being opihi and wanted to sleep on me. 
This picture was taken a couple hours after the accident. Her eye is a little bruised and swollen and the scratches got darker. She's fine and insists we don't touch it but I can't help but cringe a little every time I see it. My poor baby. 
One of David's cousins suggested we make it into a tribal tattoo! Haha! I was actually thinking something along those lines! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Laie Elementary May Day 2013 - Kindergarten

Check out the video on YouTube 

He'll be in the upper left corner with his shirt open and super wife legs. You can't miss it. 

This is his ending pose. Love this kid.

Some pics I've forgotten I had on my phone

Pic my sister took on her phone a long time ago!

borrowed her sunglasses one day
Aaron in preschool at his last Gunstock field trip
Raya wearing Aaron's preschool May Day costume
Captain Wolverine?  

LOVE these noodles! I could eat these ALL the time!!
A picture of a picture: David playing football in high school at Kamehameha (circa 2001)

Rewind: Allred's

The Allred's were moving to Maryland & had a farewell/birthday party for Gideon. 
Thanks for the invite guys! We had fun! I know the kids had lots of fun! 

Standing in line to pin the smokestack on Thomas. (I think that's what it's called.)
Raya made it pretty close.
Aaron, the weirdo, stuck it on his face! 
The older kids were blindfolded...
...and Aaron didn't really make it onto Thomas...or anywhere close to it.
Raya using only one hand to hit the piñata. 
Waiting for the piñata to break. 
All the kids rushing for the candy and Raya looks like she's annoyed. 
Since she didn't rush for all the candy, she didn't have much in her bag. But she was still happy she had some. 
Ambrose R. and Aaron enjoying some cake. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

This Mother's Day was low key and I was well fed. David & I don't really give each other gifts. One, because I STINK at getting David a gift that he actually wanted or liked and two, we really show out love for each other through food. Which is probably why we look the way we do :) 

David woke up earlier & made breakfast. (We had just gotten bacon from Costco since it was on sale.
Eggs, rice, salsa, Korean seaweed and BACON. Yum. Thanks David! It was so filling! I could barely move after!
David got these Magnum ice cream bars for me not knowing I've always wanted to try them! (I follow them on Instagram and it always looks so good!) The double chocolate was so rich and so good! 
This was the card Aaron made for me at school. It cracked me up! Can you tell food is an important part of our family? :)
Laie 4th Ward passed out the Hershey's bars with the special label. The primary kids went up and sang for the mothers' and passed out roses. Raya really wanted the rose but I really wanted to get rid of it. I don't really like real flowers since I feel bad when they die and end up throw away and then if I dry them, I end up throwing it away anyway. But we kept it for a little bit anyway. 
We went over to my in-laws for dinner after David made this delicious beef and cream of mushroom sauce with green beans. (David should really make dinner more often.) 
Thanks for the great Mother's Day!! I definitely felt loved! 
Now what should I get David for Father's Day?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Rewind: Easter 2012

Thanks Miki and the Willing Ohana for inviting us to have an Easter Egg Hunt with your family. 
We did not have Easter baskets so I taped some Easter cutouts on a jack-o-lantern basket. 
It worked! Super lame but it worked and held the eggs! The kids had fun.  

Raya holding the cute towel bunnies Aaron received from his primary teacher, N. Galeai. 
I don't know why she's making weird faces! 
Happy Easter! 

April 2012-ish?

Totally trying to clear my phone of old pics. This is a super old pic! Look at how long Aaron's hair is and how short Raya's hair is! 

Showing odd their toys
Eating Mac & Cheese
Pretty sure I took these pics cuz they were pounding it! ...maybe. 
Olivia took this of Raya one might after a bath. 
L4 Mutual. Stream started sticking pencils in Raya's hair. 
They (the other girls) thought it was hilarious! 

Playing catch up on the blog! 

Sunday, Raya & Sunbeams

I love this girl so much. This was all her! I just copied her facial! She cracks me up! 

Last Sunday, May 5, 2013, on the way out the door to church, Raya stopped me and insisted that I change to dress like her. I'm just glad Olivia left me this yellow dress so I could dress like Raya! 
Did I tell you I'm not in Young Women's (as of November 2012) anymore? I can't remember since I need to update this blog more. I teach Sunbeams now. I also have 12. I'm just really glad I have someone else in there to help me! 
Sometimes it can be really frustrating teaching 12 little Sunbeams and sometimes it can be really fun. I miss YW but I know that I belong in Sunbeams and I'm supposed to be teaching them.