Thursday, January 26, 2012

Crazy Day

Crazy day today. My iPhone got stolen at work. Off my desk. I called it multiple times. Nothing. Couldn't hear my Party Rock Anthem ringtone. It was not turned off to silent.

I noticed it missing right after my 3rd period left and since I don't have a 4th period. I looked up where most of my kids would be and I confronted my 3rd period in their classes. Nothing.

I was (and am) so mad that it happened. Mad that someone took it and mad that I so stupidly left it out. I was really sad too since my life is on the phone, my pictures, my contacts...everything.

I was told by the front office that I was to file a police report. So I called 911 with my friend's cell phone.

Apparently when you file a police report on campus, you're supposed to meet the officer at the main/front office and not at the "crime scene" (aka my room).

So I filed a police report. The officer is in my room as 5th period starts while I write it.

Toward the end of 5th & my room phone rings. It's David who called and said he just texted my phone and used the "Find my iPhone" app and the phone is still on campus. As my 6th period starts to walk in, I hear my sister's text tone. I ask David to call it and I hear it in my desk.

I think it was put back in my desk. I checked my phone and it had no missed calls listed on my phone so someone had to have rejected the calls.

I'm just glad I got my phone back! Phew.

Moral of the story - never use your phone as a paperweight.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Raya & Aaron singing "I'm a Child of God"

This was back in October

Rewind - Oct 2011 Primary Presentation

Aaron borrowed a white shirt from a family for the Primary Presentation in October. 
He looks pretty sharp.

Outside after sacrament with the rest of the primary.
Here is the primary with the teachers and leaders.
 Raya totally did all these poses all by herself. She's so funny!

Rewind - Halloween 2011

Took the kids outside for a Halloween costume photo shoot and Raya took the cutest photos!

Aaron was a basketball player instead of Spiderman, Supeman or Batman, which is what he wanted to be but we never found any cheap costumes. 

Raya showing off her wings.

Raya must've gotten tired of taking pictures

David and the kids in line for a game at our ward Trunk n Treat. It ended up being inside because of the weather.
I dressed up as a ketchup bottle. Well, I attempted to. This was on our way to the ward Halloween party .

Aaron and Raya posing by Aaron's preschool Halloween decorations/crafts.

The coolest candy they got Halloween night! It was from the Robertson's house and she does this every year!

Makana as a vampire!

Fairy princess with her dad, the Haunted Lagoon volunteer :)

David dressed up as James Bond for work with his flower and (water) gun. Smokin'

Friday, January 13, 2012

Slipper size

Thank you Luke & Maine for the cute Dora slippers! She loves them!

Apparently mainland slippers/flip flops run smaller. Her black slippers are size 4 & the ones they got her were a size 5/6...hmmm...interesting

Update: David took a look at the slippers. On the bottom, they says 4/5 but the sticker on the slipper and the hanger said 5/6. What?!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rewind - October 2011

Windward Mall - Bull Kogi

I love that place. I love their food. Definitely fulfills my craving for Korean food when I'm at the mall.

David had a pair of Scotts that started "talking" and he's only worn it for a couple months. Scotts has a policy that if your slippers break or whatnot which isn't due to regular use, you can send it in and they'll replace it for you. Free. Well you have to pay to send it in but still. Pretty neat.
So we did. Scotts has an office in Honolulu so it was pretty cheap to send. I had actually forgotten we had sent it in but one day, a box came in for David. Ta-da! A new pair of slippers for David!

Just a cute picture of Aaron reading The Lorax at the BYUH Bookstore
We were waiting in the Fast Pass line at Haunted Lagoon. We went at the beginning so David could enjoy it, more like protect me on the ride and then head back to work as a monster on the ride.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Aaron singing "I'm a Child of God"

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rewind - sometime in 2011

The two pictures of David are ones that Raya took with my phone. Not too shabby.

Raya got a Hello Kitty backpack from my mom. She loves it. She wanted to wear it even though nothing was in it. Now I use it as her diaper/lunch bag when she goes to her grandma's house during the week :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hawaii Children's Discovery Center field trip

Aaron's preschool, Bright Beginnings, had a field trip to the Hawaii Children's Discovery Center...sometime between August and November...maybe in October...or September. 
It was really fun there! I would love to go again with the kids, heck, I'd go without the kids! The kids get to touch and play with everything!
The bus ride was really windy!

When we were waiting outside, Raya sat down with Aaron's class like she was a part of it and promptly asked Aaron for some of his snacks. Some of the other kids were nice and offered her some of theirs.

Raya loved that star costume. She went back a couple times to put it back on!
Aaron using his strength to pull on the rope
Raya loved driving and turning that wheel. Anything that had a wheel she could turn, she went on it.I think she's even pushing that kid away so she could keep "driving"
Aaron and Raya loved playing with the bubbles. I think they should have a bigger bubble station or more bubble activities. There was a rope on the side that pulled that bar up and down in the solution and the kids loved blowing it and making a huge bubble.
Shopping! Raya had fun putting stuff in the carts. It was so cute!
Aaron getting lifted so he could see himself on the TV via the camera in the picture in the news station.
Enjoyed golfing and turning that wheel to make the ball go in another direction. The kids would fight over who would get the golf club or the golf ball. 
Pushing buttons in the theater area, making music.
Posing with Curious George
Playing with trains
Trying to get money from the ATM
The Hawaiian Children's Discovery Center is so fun! I'm so glad I got to go on the field trip!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Aaron singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider"

Aaron singing "Itsy Binsy Spider" along with the motions

Aaron singing Old McDonald had a Farm

We were on our way back home from the airport after visiting California when Aaron starts singing. He loves to sing and randomly as well. In the next few posts will be his renditions of some classic children's songs.
Here we have him singing "Old McDonald had a Farm"...for a little bit anyway...accompanied by David :)