Tuesday, July 16, 2013

FHE - 7/15/13

Family Home Evening activity - bike to the Cocco's across Laie to drop off mangoes from Tutu Kaluna. 

Aaron was super speedy. Raya did her best to keep up. 
The FHE lesson was the same one I taught the Sunbeams on Sunday. We talked about how temples and how we can be together forever. This was the handout I gave out. 
Aaron and Raya's pictures that they colored. 

I love to color. It's so relaxing. I love coloring with pencil crayons - colored pencils for you Americans :)
I love mixing the different colors and how pretty it can get. I'm such a dork but I don't care! Random fact - I used to color in high school. Some of my friends and I would bring coloring pages to class and color! I bet our teachers would find that annoying! Haha! 

Aaron's Summer Haircut

Love his face! Lol

His Asian-ness is so evident here! 
Thanks David for buzzing his hair!