Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Raya's Randomness

She totally biffed it one day on the way to Mutual. 
I have a totally irrational fear of sewer drains. I can't walk on them because I'm afraid that I'll fall through. So when the kids walk on them, I hold my breath so they don't fall through (yes, I know it's also totally irrational that if I hold my breath that it will prevent them from falling)

 We were playing on Google+ Hangout with my brother and sister and playing with the effects and we made Raya a pirate, among other fun things. Afterwards, she did a pirate expression. She's so funny!
Singing and dancing in front of a mirror at Gamma's house

 Sitting on her cousin while they all watch "Avengers"
 Copying Aaron and holding on to the shopping cart for dear life in Foodland.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Pono went to OOHTAH!

Pono is off in Utah for a new and exciting job!
Family picture with Uncle Pono before he left on the plane.
Good luck dude! 

Raya and her Fry

Is it bad that we thought this was absolutely hilarious?

Bright Beginning May Day 2012

Aaron was so not excited to be at May Day when we first dropped him off. He would not let go of me and threw a fit. Hence the face.
He eventually got over it. Thanks to Olivia for getting a picture of him smiling.

Raya actually took this picture of the May Day court. Turned out pretty good. 

 Tried to get a picture of him in his whole outfit but he didn't feel like it.
 David trying on Aaron's cowboy hat. hee hee.

My sister has a great video of Aaron dancing and as soon as I get that link, I'll definitely share it!

Writing his ABC's

I love how Aaron stopped and sang the ABC's to help him remember what letter came next to finish his homework when he got stuck

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Green Lantern & a Horse

Aaron got a Green Lantern mask.
 Raya was his jumping sidekick!
 Random photo.
Thanks to Iwa L. who snapped this photo. We have proof that Aaron actually got on a horse!
 This was at a field trip to Gunstock Ranch. Aaron said he wasn't going to go near the horses but something must have changed his mind! Look at his shoulders all hunched up and shy like. Silly kid. Thanks for taking care of him Bright Beginning!

Random Photos of a Teacher

Just took some random photos on Instagram documenting my life as a teacher.

Took this pile of projects home to grade. I was really organized and had binder clips labeled with the class periods and then lost the 5th period clip right before I went home. oh well.

Here's one reason why you shouldn't leave aforementioned projects lying around in the middle of grading

Especially if you leave a pen out. My kids got into it and Aaron did the numbers on the left and Raya the scribbles on the right. I don't even think the student noticed!

Thanks Kaniela for drawing me an awesome koi fish during our meeting the other day. I love it!