Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Aaron loves to play on the Gazelle we have in our house. He climbs on it, sits on the pedals, swings on the pedals and whatever else he comes up. One day, I hear him crying for help and I look back and see this.

So, of course, I have to run and get the camera to document the moment!

"Mom, help me!!"

"Hurry up! I'm stuck! Stop taking pictures!"

Waialua Soap Factory

David and Aaron joined Na Kamalei with his sister Pii and niece Ariana.
They went on a field trip to the Waialua Soap Factory.

click to enlarge
Above is a collage of pictures our friend Shanae shot that I stole off her blog.
Below is the picture of the whole group!

I was so jealous they got to go while I had to work! I wanna go on a field trip!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Old Navy

Old Navy had a $1 sale on slippers aka flip flops on Saturday only!
Of course, I forgot about it and so by the time we got to Ala Moana, there were only a few colors left!
In the women's area, the colors left were white, tan and gray in size 5! I spotted a couple of 8's in tan so I grabbed two! (not my first choice but it was a dollar! and not my perfect size either.) David was able to get black and orange in his size (the colors I wanted to get!!).
Aaron saw us grabbing slippers and when we were in the baby boy section looking at board shorts, he found a pair of slippers and yelled "Mine!" and proceeded to take his shoes off to put the slipppers on. He cracks me up! David found a pair for him and now we all have Old Navy slippers! Too bad we didn't go earlier! Oh well, until next time!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cakes Part III and IV

Here is a baby sweater cake that I learned how to decorate.

And the last class was a treasure chest cake.

It was super fun learning how to decorate the cakes and hopefully I can put these newfound skills to use one day! ;D
All I need is an oven, cake decorating tips and other supplies, and lots of frosting!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Upstanding Youth and Cubworld

We went to a concert this past Saturday where Upstanding Youth opened up for Cubworld.

Upstanding Youth (click here for their blog)

Jacob Kongaika and Aaron Eskaran

Jacob Kongaika is Cubworld.

It was a pretty awesome concert! Loved it! We had so much fun! I think it's pretty cool that we also knew members of Upstanding Youth.
Aaron fell asleep and when he woke, he wanted to go run around so I took him to the back where we found our friends, the Kammerer's, and he had fun playing with Duke.
After the concert, we bought the new Upstanding Youth CD, A Sense of Urgency, and wanted the one before called Still but it was all sold out!!
We also bought the Cubworld CD, Step Lightly and Create Out Loud, and his EP( I forget what that means), I Love ____.
I asked Jacob Kongaika, Aaron Eskaran, Marc Allred, and Adam Eskaran to sign the CDs'! I wanted ALL of Upstanding Youth but I didn't see everyone in the lobby. I even had a guest Filipino rapper for Cubworld to sign the CD but I can't remember his name. He gave us stickers though! Whoo hoo!!
It was such an awesome night!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I love living in Hawaii. We've had some perfect sunny beach days and here are some pictures from one of the days that we visited the beach.

click to enlarge
Aaron was made into a merman and played with some sand balls. He was super tired but didn't take a nap. David threw a frisbee with friends and played in the water with Aaron. I took pictures and got darker. Spending time at the beach with friends is so fun!

Cakes Part II

Remember that cake decorating class I was telling you about? Well here's an Easter bonnet that I tried to make pretty and easter-y.

Below are the cakes that the other ladies made. They did a different method from me but they are all so beautiful! The other ladies made it look like straw.

I tried to make mine looked like it was weaved but my hand started cramping and so my weaving started getting bigger and longer and not so neat anymore. It was really fun.
I have more pictures but I still need to upload it. ;D

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fun with Tape

Aaron found some scotch tape one day and pulled out a super long strip so instead of crumpling it up and throwing the tape away, David put it around Aaron's head.

click to enlarge
It was pretty funny watching Aaron try to get it off!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

18 Months

Nursery time!!
We had to reschedule his 18 month appointment so I'll have to give you his stats later. I know you were so looking forward to it too.
How about I tell you all the things he can say and do? Way awesome. I know!

Words he says: "vuv vuv" = dog, "ow"= cat, a really low "ack ack" for duck (I really have to tape that you can hear it for yourself, it's so funny!), "wa wa"= water (and he knows to look in the diaper bag for it and he likes cold water, walks up the fridge for a refill in his cup), "boooK"= book, "boiyd"= bird, "moooN"= moon (looks in the sky and looks for it), "kah"=car, "mine", "mo-mo"= more, "baby", "nigh nigh"= night night, "ba bah"= grampa, "ma ma"= granma, "popo"= Chinese for grandma, "cung cung"= Chinese for grandpa, "cuh"= Luke (my brother), "MOh MOh"= Mimo (David's sis), "Nana"= Makana (David's bro),"Nani"= Mailani, eye, teeth, toes, "bybah"= Backyardigans, "Almoh"= Elmo, "elp"= help, Oh Gosh!, oh yeah!, hi, bye, fries, rice, "iyay"= Hiilei, "appy"= happy, did it, ow, owie, "num num"= food, YAY!! , no no (and shakes finger), mom, dad, down, tutu, papa, doo doo, boo boo, "i veeoo" = I love you, "owyah"= Olivia, "Kuh"= Luke, "ball ball"= basketball, David, Aaron, "nahnah"= banana, no, stop, don't, vroom vroom,

Things he does: when he dances to music, he'll bob his head and pucker his lips or tilt his head to one side and bounce, runs, jumps, gallops, likes to read "No David!", blows on his food, shouts "biyah" to shoot a ball or pretend to, likes to play the DS, knows "head, hair, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, teeth, toes, and knees", turns on the TV and knows what channel he likes, jumps on the bed, stuff his mouth with food so he can get more food, colors, tries to put on his shoes, climbs on the bed, slides off the bed, runs to the fridge for cold water in his cup, climbs on the chair to use the computer, look for the moon, plays with other babies and gets mad if they walk away from him and he chases after them, puts trash in the trash can...

He loves to play with his couins, aunties and uncles! Even if he's tired, he'll play, play, play! Then on the car ride home, he'll knock out.

There's so much more I could say but that's enough for now.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Dancin Aaron

I love this video of Aaron dancing at our friend's wedding reception. Enjoy!

totally unedited and a bit shaky and he does get distracted... but it's still fun to watch!

This is Vasu and Lei Chetty. This is whose wedding reception we went to.

Vasu is brother to my friends, Rani and Kavita whom I have known since my first year at BYUH. Lei worked with David in the library. They are the nicest people you will ever meet!

Jared, Rani, Kavita, Carol, David and Aaron

These people are also one of the nicest and sweetest people ever! I love these guys! It was so great getting to see them again!!