Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Rewind: Christmas 2012

Our stockings from Santa! 

Oh Christmas tree!
Presents under the tree! 

Kids are excited about their chairs and can't wait to open the rest of the gifts! 

David got a Hulk cup from his sister Pii and her family. 

David's loot

He asked Santa for a "big car truck" and asked for a blue one! (He likes red so we were surprised when he asked for blue)

Aaron's loot! Looks like Santa delivered! 
Raya's goodies. Like all that pink?! Such a girl! Plus she got a bike from Santa! 

Carol's goodies!
Happy Christmas! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Red Dawn

We went to an advanced screening of Red Dawn last night at Dole Cannery in Honolulu.

Outside waiting in line at Dole Cannery
Since it was sponsored by a radio station, there were little contests to win shirts and/or posters. I won a shirt for having lip gloss (but it was more like lip balm but the guy accepted it and no one else went up for it either!) David won a shirt too for having an iPhone 5 and being the first one up to the guy. Sweet! I love going to advanced screenings and winning stuff! It's all about having no shame! Haha!

It was a pretty good movie. There was a guy behind us who made comments every so often but they were hilarious and I didn't mind. It's what we were thinking, he just said it out loud!

If you want to know what I, Carol, thought of it, check out my review on my other blog, mediajunkieinhawaii.blogspot.com, which I try to update every so often :)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

David was able to go on Aaron's Kindergarten field trip to the pumpkin patch. Yay!
On the bus together!
A class picture with pumpkins

David and Aaron brought some pumpkins home and sometime later we decorated them. Well the kids did most of the work. We don't (and didn't) have any pumpkin carving tools so I brought out my Sharpie's for the kids to draw on the pumpkins.
Raya picked lots of girly colors for her pumpkin.
Aaron drew a face on his pumpkin.

What a nice pumpkin face! He was worried it wouldn't turn out the way he wanted but I think he did a pretty good job.
Raya didn't want to take a picture with her pumpkin so I just took one for her. I think she did a pretty good job decorating her pumpkin.
Aaron and Raya trying on their costumes.
Raya wanted to be butterfly, princess, fish. Aaron didn't really have a set idea of what he wanted his costume to be. So we went to Savers and looked for costumes for the kids. I found Raya's costume and it was perfect! I was princess-y and it had a butterfly on it! It was a little big but nothing a few safety pins can't fix! David found the perfect wings and wand to go with her costume! We couldn't find anything for Aaron at Savers so we went to PriceBusters. David found this awesome Angry Birds costume that fit Aaron perfectly. Okay it was a little snug but good thing Aaron is small.
We had Aaron try on the costume in the store. Once he had it on, he turned to David and said, "Dad, you be the pig." So David stood there and Aaron backed up and ran towards David and "hit" him just like in the game! It was super funny!
Raya loved her costume and was constantly asking to put it on.

The kids and David all ready to go to our ward Trunk or Treat (Trunk 'n' Treat..what is it called?)

David dressed up as Lebron James. Even got the sweatband going on!
I was the basketball! I made a sign to pin on my shirt about 10 minutes before we had to leave. I should have colored it in but oh well. Maybe next time!
The kids watching other people play Just Dance at the Keni's trunk.
Dancing to "Gangnam Style" at the (Mexican) Uyehara's trunk.
Aaron holding Raya's hand in the kids costume parade.
The one picture I have of them actually trick or treating. We started in Hauula and ended up in Laie. I was going to go down Iosepa and Moana Street but started off on the outskirts of Laie. I always feel bad for the people that have candy to pass out and no one goes down their block. When we went, there was hardly anyone trick or treating. The people that were passing out candy gave out handfuls to the kids.
I should have went down Iosepa and Moana Street just to see everyone and their costumes. Next year!

We didn't do too bad considering. We got two HUGE bags of candy!
Happy Halloween!

Drug Awareness Week at KHIS

As many of you know, I work at Kahuku High and Intermediate School in Kahuku. What you may or may not know is that I like to dress up. I just don't have a lot of opportunities to do so which is why my dress up skills are not up to par as some of the other people I know that are amazing at it. 
The week before Halloween at work/school was deemed "Drug Awareness Week" with different themes on certain days. The first day had something to do with Ninjas and wearing black. I can't remember the specifics right now. 
As you can see, I totally remembered last minute and just dressed all in black. I also don't know how to pose like a ninja. My brother totally made fun of me and told me I wasn't Asian. 
(My response is a whole 'nother post)
 The next day was black and yellow. I took a picture with some other faculty members that also dressed up.
 After that was 80's Day. Why? I don't remember. I tried looking for different outfits I had at home to look 80's-ish and Googled for ideas. All I really saw was skirts or tutu's over leggings/shorts. This was as close as I got and I really wanted to wear my orange high tops Converse. But it doesn't match so I wore my black Converse shoes.
 Luckily, I had posted the above picture on Instagram and my "twin", Mariko, saw and offered to lend me some clothes. Now, I KNOW you know that I DO NOT WEAR PINK. EVER. But since this was for fun and to show school spirit and basically a costume, I put on a PINK skirt! over these leggings. Thankfully they were both stretchy! I don't know how I was going to fit in her skinny clothes if they didn't stretch!

I love how people still mistake us for each other or think we are related.
I had to show off our shoes and I look skinny-er in the other! :P

 Monday was "Dress up as (your favorite) candy or wear brown/white for chocolate Day".
I just flipped my shirt inside out and had masking tape on it at first to make an "S" but it looked more like a "5" so Mariko cut me out an "S" and I used my masking tape to stick it on. I know it's GHETTO but I thought it was funny. Most of the kids/students were confused or if they did get it, they thought it was hilarious.

 "Nerd Day" was a day that I definitely had a LOT of fun with. I borrowed suspenders from my friend Elizza and glasses from Nisi. I found a button up shirt that I forgot I had and fortunately, it still fit...for the most part. I had to wear shirt underneath! lol . *sigh*
I put my outfit together and couldn't decide if I should do my hair in braided pigtails or not. Thanks to my Instagram and Facebook friends who helped me decide which hairstyle looked better. 
My friend Cheryl even found some orange ribbons for me to tie around my pigtails! 
The tie is one of Aaron's clip on ties which actually worked out perfectly! 
 Raya was still up when I was trying on my nerd outfit and loved putting on those glasses.
 I found some nerds to take pictures with!
  "Smarties Don't Do Drugs!"
 I'm so short that pulling up my pants made my torso even shorter! Good thing the tie was short as well. Thanks Aaron!
 David took the picture on the left right before I left for work and noticed my tie was flapping in the wind so he busted out a tie clip for me to round out my outfit. He wanted my pants to go higher so that I could get the highwaters going on but unfortunately, I also have short legs and long pants so that didn't work out too well!
Look! I found a nerd in the office!
 The best comment I had all day that had me laugh out loud was a friend on Facebook. He said that our "awesome nerd outfits are making me rethink my Sunday church outfits!" HAHA!

The next day was Halloween and so we could dress up in our Halloween costumes. Since it took forever to get ready for Nerd Day I decided I wanted to so something quick and simple. Thank you Google and Martha Stewart for the idea!
I pinned a "pi" on my orange shirt and I was "Pumpkin Pi(e)"! HAHAHAHA!!
I thought it was funny. Most people got it and some didn't, probably because my orange shirt wasn't very pumpkin-y. Oh well. I thought it was "punny". hee hee.
My "twin" M-Arrr-iko the pirate. (Thanks Daniel H. for the pirate pun! hahaha!!)

Lisa the Soccer Queen!
I love how skinny I look next to her! Thanks for blocking half of me! 
 Telaya the Witch
 Our "Say Boo to Drugs" decorated door for Advisory.
We couldn't figure out how some of the drugs looked and they had to think hard about what kind of drugs were out there. It was funny trying to figure out which end the cigarette smoke came out of. Oh, I love my 8th graders in Advisory...well most of them. But they all made a poster whether they wanted to or not. Some got really into it and helped make the door what it is!


Coming up next is Halloween Yuen style!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Laie 4th Ward Primary Program 2012

Aaron's primary class. - CTR 5

We had our Primary program on Sunday, October 28, 2012.
Aaron had always refused (and would FREAK out) when it was his turn at the mic. He would hide his face that looked like he was to burst into tears or actually cry (once...or twice...) basically refuse to say anything even if a leader offered to help him. (I got to witness this firsthand since I'm now the Sunbeams teacher in Primary.)

One Sunday after a practice in Primary when he did cry, the Primary President must have seen David in the hall and told him what happened. David talked to him and Aaron seemed ok after that. We would mention it throughout the week and he would always agree to do his part. Like any other parents, we bribed him. (or threatened, depending on how you want to look at it.) - no Netflix if he didn't do his part. 

The last Sunday before the program, there was an afternoon practice and he refused to do his part. (He was banned from Netflix that week.)

Come Sunday morning when we got into the chapel to sit up on the stand, he started crying and was super upset and wouldn't go sit in his spot up on the stand. I talked to him, asked him to stop crying, reminded him about Netflix. David came in and saw that he was upset and went to talk to him before it started and we both hoped for the best.

When it was his turn at the mic, HE DID HIS PART! We were so excited! (David did a fist pump while I silently clapped up on the stand). The adults who had seen him at the practices all commented that he did so good!

We are so proud of him!

Before I forget, Raya was also part of the program. She, along with the nursery kids, came up to the stand to sing "I'm a Child of God". She didn't sing the whole time but she sure looked cute up there! 

Sunday, October 28, 2012


One day when I was at work, I had a chance during my prep to work in the library, in the A/C so I took it.

Found some birthdays. Do you think that these describe the following people?