Saturday, August 27, 2011

Raya - 21 months

Raya is becoming quite a little independent sassy girl.
When she's determined to do something on her own, she refuses help. Like in the picture below: she wanted to put her shoes on by herself and kept saying "I do it" and wouldn't let me touch her.

Of course, I adjusted it after she was done :)
She loves taking pictures and always willing to pose or wanting to take my phone and shoot a photo. she's also called and texted people so I apologize if you get a gibberish text or a silent phone call - that would be Raya ;)

All her own faces, I just tried copying her! Raya cracks me up!

Yup, she found my wallet and took EVERYTHING out! I was trying to catch her in the act but she looked up and GRINNED real big because she saw me taking the photo. She's always ready for the camera!

Put her hair up in a ponytail one morning and she stuck her tongue out for the camera! I love this picture!

Woke up one morning and her hair was sticking straight up! Hilarious!

This video my sister shot outside. She wanted to get Raya naming all her body parts and such but Raya being 21 months old, gets distracted :D

YouTube Video

She loves dancing and when she hears a beat she likes, she'll drop/stop what she's doing and start boogie-ing! She is talking quite a bit and it's super cute! Raya likes to beat up on Aaron and tattle on him too. She knows most words to a bunch of songs and loves to sing!
She is so much fun!

Some of this past week

Raya just chilling and watching tv in her carseat. That's how we roll.

Aaron went over to a friend's house. He was apprehensive at first but then he was fine. He had fun and even showed the Robertson's some of his break dancing his moves as they cleaned up that huge mess! :)

Went to the mall after picking up our car from the dealership to get it fixed. While I was waiting for my food, the rest of the family went into Toys 'r' Us.

Captain America

Iron Man

Just some of the random things we've been up lately.

The last two pictures were taken by David and I edited it with the Instagram filters :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Picture Love!

I love that Raya called Aaron over to take a picture and put her arm around his neck! Soo cute!

I love that they can play with that broken Jack-in-the-Box over and over! They close the lid, open it and act surprised when the clowns pops out! It's so funny!

YouTube Video

Here's a video from awhile ago of them playing with the toy!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sleeping Pictures

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, then you'd have seen these pictures of Raya.

Oh man, this girl cracks me up!

"It's too bright!"

Raya wanted to take a picture and knew the flash was gonna be bright so she prepared herself! :)


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rewind- 4th of July Slip n Slide

This was a long time coming but here are all the clips I edited with my Vimeo app.

Check it out on vimeo

Or check it out here. Hopefully it uploaded. Watch it all the way through! There is a super funny part that involves Aaron! :)

YouTube Video

Friday, August 5, 2011

Raya is growing up!

Raya may only be 20 months but she already says "mom" like a teenager. "MawAHm". I should record it.

She talks A LOT. If she wants you to stop doing something, "DOP!". She likes to play with the iTouch and will ask for "cah". A car game or to watch "Cars". She lays around like a teenager.

She says "ta-too" for thank you. It's super cute!

She likes to grab my phone and take pictures. Case in point -

She likes getting her nails painted. Raya will pretty much copy what you say and do. We have to be careful! ;)

She is growing way too fast!

Aaron's observation about glasses

Talking about people wearing glasses in the car.

Aaron: "Aunty Eileen wears you, Mom! Grandma wears glasses like you! Tutu wears glasses like y...oh no she doesn't. She just has eyeballs."

I almost drove off the road from laughing so hard!

Gotta love this kid!

What a day! aka Biking Adventure #55

Besides work today, I had quite an adventure after work.
I rode home and discovered I left my keys in the diaper bag! which is Hauula with my in-laws
So I rode my bike to Laie Shopping Center, picked up the keys from David and rode my bike home to get his bike.
On my way to get the bike, some kid on a scooter rode into my path and I couldn't move away fast enough and was stuck either riding into a parked truck or onto incoming traffic. I ended up clipping the back of the scooter and skidded onto the road!
I hurt my hands and my legs. Picture below.

Top to bottom, left to right- left knee, right shin, left hand and right knee.

The kid said sorry but the worst part was when I heard the other kids laughing. :(

Oh well. Now it's just another story of a biking adventure!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

2nd First Day of Pre-school

Today was Aaron's 2nd first day. It is the first day of a full year of preschool though so I guess it's still his first day. :)

I took this after we got home from school. But you gotta love Raya's photo bomb! :)

Biking Adventure # 27

I was riding David's bike to drop it off at Laie Shopping Center in the back. The seat was a little high for me so I was going to use the curb to help me get off. But I missed the curb and I fell on my back, the bike landed on my legs.

I got a cut on my foot and a bunch of dirt! I thought I cut my elbow but it was just dirty and now I have a bruise! Lol.
There were a few boys that saw me fall and kinda stood there watching me trying to get the bike off. One of the boys eventually started coming over but by then I was mostly out. Another boy asked if I was ok, I answered that I was fine but my dignity was hurt ;) lol

I went in the bank and showed David my battle scars. I felt so silly telling everyone in there my bike story!
But now that I look back on it, it's pretty funny!
P.S. Ignore the big toe. That was when I tripped going up some stairs. I'm such a klutz! ;)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

After the Dentist

We went to the dentist today. Aaron has no cavities! Yay!
He came out with 2 stickers.

Aaron: "Mom, I got two stickers! Bumblebee and Octopus"
Me: "Cool! It's Op-TIM-us, buddy."
Aaron: "Yeah, Optimus is AWESOME!"