Monday, July 25, 2011

Onsie Pocket

Raya is so funny, she's using her onesie as a pocket! She's put in cards, play-doh and now a Nintendo DS!

She cracks me up!
oh, and it was her idea to pose with the sunglasses :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yuen Family Reunion 2011 - day 2

Day 2 was at Kakela Beach Park.

The Hauula Yuens aka my in-laws had set up the EZ Corner and chairs already. Uncle Billy, Lahela and Grandma Kaluna and Cora were there.
Uncle Billy recruited Aaron and Cora to help put forks in napkins and roll 'em up.

Cora getting her napkin ready. Aaron concentrating on the roll

The sign that Hiilei or Anela made (which was never hung up)

Raya looks so reverent.

We ate A LOT of food. Luckily we started eating when David had his lunch break so he was able to eat and see family.
We swam at the beach and we played super fun games!
The little kids had a little scavenger hunt that Uncle Billy and Aunty Wanda Davis put together.
I don't have any pictures of it because I was helping Raya :)
Uncle Billy had a paper with the 8 items they needed to collect and the kids had buckets with their names on it.

picture of Raya is courtesy of Kawai Davis

Aaron found his 8 and then more! I had to go through his bucket to weed out the extras. While I was doing that, Raya picked up some more items for her basket too! I did some more weeding :)

The adults and youth played Amazing Race which was organized by Anela and Hiilei.
I don't have pictures of that either since I participated :)
On my team was Miki, Shaun, and Mailani. We won :)

Uncle Billy also organized a picture/video scavenger hunt. There was a list of tasks we had to accomplish. Below is the video of what we had to do. My team had to redo two things! But we still won! :)
Photo/video scavenger hunt

if you can't watch it, let me know :)
Another fun game was the six-legged race. Three people had to link arms to form the six legs. All the teams stood around In a circle and got ready to chase each other. We had to chase and tag the team in front of us and at the same time, avoid getting tagged by the team behind us!

Anthony, Pono and Danny and Uncle Herb, Uncle Richie and Lahela were the last two teams. They ran a good race but in the end Uncle Herb's team won. I wish I had pictures or video to show you. It was pretty funny!

Anthony and Pii set up their volleyball net. There were games going on throughout the day. When I picked up David from work we ended up playing till 7:30pm or when it started getting dark!
It was a super fun day! The kids had fun and it was awesome to hangout with family and EAT! :)
If anyone has pictures or video from the beach, if you don't mind, I'd like a copy :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some summer pics

Raya totally got Aaron! Girl Power! don't worry, we told Raya not to do that again :)

I love the juxtaposition!

I love that face!


I wonder if David made his eyes bigger to make up for my small Asian eyes? ;P

Trying on Harry Potter 7.2 3D glasses!

They totally get their smiles from David (and the photogenic-ness too)

Playing with sunglasses

So cute in their towels!

He wrote "cars" on the bucket. Hopefully he'll remember to put all his cars in there as we slowly find them all. that's not even half of his cars, they are scattered all over the house! Luckily we live in a small place :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Yuen Family Reunion 2011 - day 1

The George and Kaluna Yuen Ohana had their first reunion this year from July 7-10.
Day 1 was spent at PCC exploring the villages, eating at Gateway and enjoying the night show.
Here's the first group that arrived and waiting for the rest of the clan. Pono, Ashley, Aaron, Keanu and Raya. missing: Aunty Pearl

At the Samoan village waiting for the show to start. Anela, Makana, Mailani, Mimo, Ashley, Raya, Uncle Billy

Mia, Shaun, Mom Imi, Chad

Pono, Cora and Pilar

In Hawaiian village watching a poi demo. Raya, Dad Larry, Anela, Keanu, Mimo, Mom Imi, Kua

Jason and Makana

Raya enjoying some shave ice syrup thanks to Miki :)

Mikayla (sp?!) holding hands with Cora as we walked through Tahiti towards Tonga

Family watching tourists play the Tongan drums.

I got tired of walking and suggested we go on a canoe ride. I think this is where most of us went different ways.
Anela, Hiilei, Mia, Sophia and Shaun

Makana and Mom Imi on the canoe

Spotted Aaron with Don, Kawika and Mimo!

Hiilei and Kaai waiting for the canoes.

Raya taking a bite from Cora's musubi while Lucas watches :)

Zoe with her Pii-modified shirt

At the night show (intermission)

Not everyone was able to make it but it was a super fun day nonetheless and it was super fun getting to meet and hang out with family we haven't seen for awhile!

We also took this HUGE group picture before we went to explore the villages. It wasn't everybody but it was still a lot of people! But I don't have a copy. If I get one, I'll definitely post it! :)

Aaron's first Primary talk

Aaron had his first talk in Primary but he got stage fright. David ended up giving the talk for him. At least Aaron stood up there :)

Here's the video...
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

If you couldn't hear it, this is the text of the talk that Aaron pretty much wrote himself. Well I asked him questions and I wrote down his answers. :)

"Aloha, the temple is a house of God. It is white. Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father live there. When we go to the temple, we talk to them. We talk nicely to them by praying. We don't play games or play cars at the temple. Heavenly Father feels good when we go to the temple. Families can be together forever."

Friday, July 15, 2011


What Aaron does when he's looking for something. LOL :)

I have no idea where he got that idea from but I'm glad he did it! It is hilarious!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chuck E. Cheese

We went to town to see Danny, Pilar, Cora and Lucas before they left for the airport. We still had a bunch of time to spare so we (Mom Imi, Pono, Mailani, Mimo, Pii, Anthony, Don, E, Ariana, Zoe, Danny, Pilar, Cora, Lucas, David, me, Aaron, and Raya) all decided to go to Chuck E. Cheese!
It was our first time going there. Aaron was so excited to go.
He wanted to try anything and everything!
He liked the driving game and so did David. The driving games were one of the first games that both boys chose!

Raya wanted to get in on it too!

The kids on a roller coaster ride.

Raya thought it was no big thing.

Riding more rides

Playing shuffle hockey with cousin Ariana. Pii was explaining how to play the game to Aaron.
He had a lot of fun playing!

David playing with his nephew, E.

I love this sketch picture we took there! Aaron's face cracks me up!

Chuck E. Cheese was super fun! Can't wait to go again!

Sleeping Positions

Our kids take after David. They can fall asleep anywhere.

Raya just laid down on the ground and went to sleep. Aaron in the corner of the couch, on top of a stuffed bear :)

Me, on the other hand, needs a bed and fluffy pillow! I like being comfortable!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Like Fight?!

It looks like she's about to fight someone while protecting her face. You know what move I'm talking about?! ;)

You know when you're like messing around like you're gonna hit someone but not really and you act like you gotta protect the face?

ANYWAY...I just wanted share. Lame, I know. :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July 2011

The Huggans invited us over for a little BBQ along with the Chamberlains.
Kasey filled up a whole tub of water balloons! The kids had a lot of fun playing with them! The Chamberlain kids had fun throwing them on me and getting me wet! Some of the balloons didn't pop and so I ended up getting balloons bounced on me! LOL!

Raya kept dipping her tortilla chip in the salsa after licking the salsa off. She got her own bowl and she even drank the salsa juice.

After the fun times at the BBQ (which will be a whole other post), we spent time with the Yuen Ohana at Kakela Beach Park.

There was grilling, swimming, floating with tubes, playing in the sand and kayaking. Even I went on the kayak. I was scared to go because I was afraid I would fall out and I'm not a good swimmer. But it was fun!
After the beach, we went to our block party.
There was a parade...

...we listened to a patriotic speech where Raya fell asleep on my lap.

There were games for the kids. Aaron has good form but not so much aim. He finally got it at the last try!

Raya got to ride skateboard with Kasey and a friend.

She had so much fun that she pretty much stayed on the board for most of the night. Aaron joined her and had fun going up and down the street.

I tried to get a video of the kids using their feet to move the board but I was too late! I got them riding though!

YouTube Video

Happy 4th of July!