Sunday, April 17, 2011

Christmas 2010

There were too many pictures I wanted to post so I decided to make a little slideshow...
It's kinda generic but enjoy the pictures!

YouTube Video
Hopefully the video works! Let's test it.
Ok...the video should be working. Let me know if it isn't. If you're reading this on Facebook, you might have to go to the actual blog,

The little video shows a bunch of pictures we took on Christmas morning.
We looked through our stockings and opened presents that our family members gave us and what we gave each other. Aaron loved his Cars cars, pens, coloring book. Raya loved the Little Mermaid cup that Luke got her. She carried it around with her while we tried to get her to open other gifts but all she wanted to to was "drink" from the cup.
I got new running shoes (which in retrospect, I rushed to buy and therefore was too big) and I got the armband for my iPod for when I go for a run. David got a basketball since the one he got earlier deflated and Olivia got him a football.
It was an awesome Christmas!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Christmas 2010 Rewind Preview

Our stockings hanging out on the couch

Our tree! The lights in the middle went out. David did everything he could to fix it but those lights were stubborn!

This was a picture that I "insta-gram'ed". I love it! It's the top part of our tree with the ornaments of all our names.

Here's a picture of the gifts under the tree.

Merry Christmas 2010! Another post about Christmas Day will be coming soon to a computer screen near you! Stay tuned!

Rewind! - Dec 2010

I just thought they were super cute eating breakfast together on Aaron's Cars table that he got for his birthday.

I love my kids.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sleeping Raya

Look what I found when I got home from work today!


I love how Raya fell asleep with the phone on her ear!