Sunday, November 3, 2013

Raya and her voice

Raya lost her voice in the morning and so she was raspy and was really worried. 

She asked her Grandma Imi, "What's wrong with my voice? What happened? Is my voice still sleeping?" 

Haha!! I love her! 

Here's a picture of Raya trying on a $50 My Little Pony backpack. 

Happy 6th Birthday to Aaron!!

I can't believe he's 6! Where has the time gone!?! Love this kid! He's a lot tougher than he looks. Puts up with lot. Has the best laugh which is so contagious. Smart kid, both in reading and math. Takes care of his little sister. They have a really good relationship even though there are times when they like to make each other really mad!! I have to constantly remind myself he's only 6 and he's still learning. Thankfully he loves us anyway!! Happy 6th Birthday Aaron!