Monday, February 27, 2012

Great Aloha Run 2012

Great Aloha Run 2012
I was determined to train for the run come October 2011 but then November rolled around, then it turned into December, January and then it was February! WHAT?! How did it creep up on me so fast! I did not train AT ALL! The farthest I've "trained" for was 3 miles. AI-YAH! 
I was determined to run it anyway or least go for 3 miles and hope I didn't collapse.
David was awesome and drove me to the Blaisdell late Friday night to pick up our (Hiilei and I) running numbers/packets. Still nervous at this point but thinking positive...for the most part.
Set my alarm for 4:45 AM since we all know I like to wake up when I absolutely HAVE TO get up to get ready. Thanks Mom Imi for waking up super early and taking us to town!

When we got dropped off, we ran into the Wilson's. HI! We look so happy BEFORE the run. 

There were all kinds of fun crazy stuff/costumes around us. 
The best was the team of people running with balloon dragons! 
A quick recap of the beginning of the run. I didn't really take pictures during or after since I was trying to not die while I ran and was way too tired to think about taking pictures after. 
Finished! Got our Finisher shirt!
My time wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I'm going to minus 3 minutes off the time though...I had to wait in line to use the bathroom. 
I didn't want to stop but my body kept telling me I had to poop but it didn't happen the one time I stopped so I kept going.
Even with the -3 minutes, it's still 5 minutes more than last year. Darn it.
This time I PROMISE I will train for the run!
My legs, knees and back were KILLING me after the run. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Aaron and Raya entertaining themselves at the Laie Shopping Center while waiting for David to get off of work at Bank of Hawaii.
She got all into the "fighting" and playing Ninja with Aaron until he got too serious for her. 
I just love his face in the second picture! Makes me laugh every time I see it! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bike path with Anela

Anela came with us to the Malaekahana bike path (between Laie and Kahuku) one day. 
Aaron rode his bike, Anela had her roller blades and I got the jogging stroller all ready for Raya to sit in while I ran. My plan didn't exactly work out. 
Raya wasn't having it. She wanted to "ride" her bike too. The kind you have to push with your feet. So I threw her bike in the stroller along with Raya so she could "ride" it on the path. Unfortunately, her 2 year old self did not get that and cried the whole way in the stroller laying across the seat in a fit.

I finally let her out and she would "ride" her bike for a little bit and leave her bike and run. I would pick up the bike, try to run before she changed her mind and wanted to ride her bike again. 
Which she actually did, several times. 

Oh I forgot to mention that she was also wearing Aaron's Froot Loop cereal necklace so while she was running or riding her bike, she would stop for a second and munch on a cereal. She would say "dop", eat the cereal, and resume running or riding her bike.
Anela and Aaron went ahead of us and flew to the end of the path and back and still had to wait at one point for us to catch up. 
Raya also wanted to push the stroller a couple times but that didn't always work out the way she wanted. 

It was fun but tiring and a little bit frustrating.
I'll do it again though. I like that bike path.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rewind - Random Photos Nov 2011

Raya with her *then* favorite Dora shirt. It was her only Dora shirt and it was way too small for her.
Playing with glowsticks. I don't remember where we got them or why we had them...
Aaron showing off his "swords"  and guns in his shorts. 
Taking pictures with Aunty Joyce in California. 

I'm going to work on blogging more often! Stay tuned!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Rewind - Aaron's 4th Birthday

Better late than never. I made a collage of pictures on this new app I just got called Pic Collage. It's pretty cool!
Anyway, we celebrated his birthday at the grandparents place. Pii and her family came over too to help us celebrate.
Ariana was so cute and gave Aaron an envelope with a card and some money. Grandma Imi & the Hauula Yuen's gave Aaron some musical instruments; a triangle, two bells on a stick and a tambourine. Grandma Ivy & the Cheung's had sent a puzzle for Aaron. We also gave Aaron a puzzle of states. We had to make the cake at my in-laws house since all we have is a toaster oven.
Thank you for letting us use your house! :)
Aaron had fun blowing out his candles and eating cake & ice-cream with his family. Thanks for celebrating it with us!