Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

We usually find costumes in my MIL's costume bins but the costumes we found were either too small, too big or not the right fit for us or the kids. Well, actually David used the pumpkin costume from last year.
Since we couldn't find a costume for Aaron, we were racking our brains for ideas and David came up with the best idea!
We went home and started making Aaron's costume. I had a presentation board from Kahua so David cut off one of the panels and shaped it into a surfboard and wrote "Duke" on it. I had some Velcro in my craft bin that I never used which was then threaded through the board as Aaron's belt. We also safety pinned a strip of Velcro on his shirt and taped it to the board so it would stay straight. David also taped two drum sticks to the back of the board to reinforce it so it wouldn't bend. Put a Kukui nut lei and voilĂ !
Duke Kahanamoku

This was at Hauula 3rd ward's Halloween party and he ended up winning "most creative/original" for the 0-3 age group. Raya got honorable mention since the judges later realized she was part of my costume.
Thank you to Mike and Jamie for letting us borrow their electrical tape!

She was the basketball to my basketball player!

Her little Asian squat!

The next pictures are at our ward's (Laie 4th) Trunk'n'Treat. David is Activities Chair and he and his committee did a really awesome job. The trunks had games the kids played to get their treats. There was a trunk with a fog machine, a gaming system and pumpkin bowling! Everyone there had fun!! After the kids went around there was a costume parade and prizes. Dinner was hot dogs and chips! YUM!!

Aaron was really sick and I forgot to give him some medicine so he was super grumpy and tired. He went around and got candy, then knocked out for the rest of the party.

(He also cut his foot earlier during the day hence the sports tape & paper towel bandage on his right foot!)

We went trick or treating in Laie on Saturday night. I had the kids in the bike trailer/stroller and Mailani, Hiilei and Makana came with us. Aaron and Raya ate on candy during the night. Raya would reach into Aaron's bucket and take his candy! Sometimes the houses wouldn't see Raya's bucket so Aaron would go, "Raya! Raya! Her candy!" We went down Moana and and it was so busy! We were out for 2 hours! It was a good night and I totally forgot to take pictures!
This was a really fun Halloween and we got plenty of uses out of our costumes!
David also had a really good time scaring people at PCC's Haunted Lagoon! He said some people commented that he made them pee their pants!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Family pictures

Some of the family pictures we took earlier this month on October 8th at Kakela Beach with our friend Marianna Ah Quin.

There's more but here are some of my favorites! Hope you liked them!

Location:Kawaipuna Pl,Hauula,United States

Rewind: summer 2010

Sun +

Kayaks +

SAND!! +

which all equal FUN!!

Racking up the minutes

She just turned 11 months on the 21st and already she is talking on the phone!

She puts the phone up to her ear, or a camera. If she feels like talking, she'll put whatever she has in her hand up to her ear.
What a girl!

(She wouldn't stay still for the picture)

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I was nursing Raya when Aaron asked for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She wasn't done quite yet so I told him I'd make him one once I was done.
Pretty soon I hear this pounding on the counter and see that he's got the PB jar and hitting it against the top.
I go to check on him...

He got the PB, the jelly and the bread and sitting on the stool by the counter.
He couldn't wait and made a hole in the bread bag and started picking at the bread inside!

If you look closely, you can see the bread with pieces eaten...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Laie Temple Open House

Just wanted to share this with you to get you all super excited!
It's a link to a clip on KHON2 news about the Laie Temple

Mormon Temple On Oahu Opening its Doors

If you want to take a tour, go to and get your tickets!

The picture of the temple was taken by David's friend, Lia Purcell.
Isn't it gorgeous?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


He thought his head was stuck!

But it actually came off real easy!! Haha!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hawaii's Next Top Kid Model?!

Aaron got those sunglasses from the penny carnival at our ward camp and he was having fun wearing them so we went outside to take pictures.

I don't remember what time of day it was but there was one area of the wall that was getting hit with the sun and it looked amazing! It was like a natural spotlight!

I don't know where he learned those signs from unless he's just being weird and putting his fingers in random order...

These are all his poses!

I just took the pictures!

He gets the faces and poses from David. (Everyone is so photogenic but me!)

He's handing me the glasses, "I'm done Mom"

So I put them on Raya and I was a little too close to her face but I think it's a super cute picture!