Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This was Lucas and Raya's first time meeting each other.

Raya is older by five months. She looks dark!

Aaron and Cora. They're the same age but Cora is the older one by 6 months.

I love their smiles.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Bash 2011 and Cars 2

Raya fell asleep while I was going around putting new trash bags around at the different stations at the Quad-stake Youth Summer Bash at BYUH.

(I was late and didn't have a chance to get the double stroller like I was planning on and so I only had the single stroller since j drove. Aaron didn't want to walk and so I let him sit and hold Raya. He complained that she was too heavy but that's what he has to put up with in order to sit in the stroller! Long backstory but now you know!)

Peek a boo!

Some of Aaron's funny poses!

Kids enjoying their chips and hot dogs

Played with sidewalk chalk at a birthday party.

Ate free popcorn from yahoo! at Regal Cinemas at Windward Mall waiting for Cars 2. (sorry Raya, the flash was too bright!)

Aaron kept asking after the previews if it was Cars 2. He was pretty excited. Raya would not stay still for the movie.
Afterwards we went to the playground and Raya went and sat right next to me. Eventually she moved to the turtle and watched the kids play.

She got braver and started playing on the bigger play area.

It was a super fun night!

Summer school

Aaron and Ariana doing homework together from summer school.

Raya and I visited Aaron at school on Friday and look what Aaron was doing instead of swimming in the pool!

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

He's so cool! Lol!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Freaking out

I took off his band-aid to check on his owie from school and he FREAKED out and started crying. He doesn't need a band-aid. He's just overreacting. I promise I'm not a horrible mother.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Raya - June 2011

Cheesin' it up for the camera

Playing on the computer like she knows what she's doing

"playing" baseball outside. This was actually taken like literally 10 seconds before Aaron took the ball away from her and she started crying!

Modeling my sister's headband

Trying on Olivia's shoes

Showing off the flower by her ear. Or is it "on" her ear?

I love that smile.
Yes, I realize she has no clothes on. She had a mishap with diapers and her shirt and I forgot to put a change of clothes in the bag.

Watching tv with the brother before they started fighting. ;P


Kids know how to use a fork yet still insist on using their hands.

I guess it's more fun to eat noodles that way!

"Carl" and ReadyMade magazine

Long backstory - Went through the boxes I have in our closet today and I hardly threw anything away! It was like all my School of Education work and binders, textbooks, books and more books that I plan to read "someday". I can't bear to get rid of them but I think I'll have to bite the bullet and figure out what books to put in a yard sale...but I wanna read them! *sigh* I can be such a packrat. -- Sorry David! --
But one thing I found that I forgot I had was this sign my BFF, Sheena, made for me in college.

No, that's not a mistake, she really did call me Carl. I told her a story about how there was this one production in high school and the director spelled my name wrong (Carl) on the program and shirts and from then on, he called me, Carl. So Sheena decided to call me that too. I didn't really have a nickname growing up and I always wanted one. So I guess "Carl" is a nickname as any others ;)

I also found a HUGE stack of ReadyMade magazines.

It's a Do It Yourself kind of a magazine and gives you unique and awesome ideas on how to remake or redo stuff with things you normally wouldn't. I love it! One summer I made a bag out of plastic bags!

I decided to just rip out the ideas and projects I liked or think I could maybe possibly do in the future. Then I decided to Google the magazine. On their website with the post dated June 16, 2011 that out they are going to have to stop making the magazine due to the tough publishing industry. So sad! Now I don't know if I should keep ripping out and throwing the magazines away or just keep them all!
Here is the link to the article -

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011 - outtakes and more family

The pictures are from the "photo shoot" this morning.
Raya's smile

Then she opened her eyes and she was like, the flash is too bright! LOL

David was hiding, Aaron and his nice smile.

Making a weird face!


Aaron decided to hog the camera when I was trying to get a picture of him and David!

Raya climbing up on Hiilei's back and going "whoa,whoa,whoa" a bunch of times! She'd fall and climb up again and repeat. She likes balancing on people's backs...I guess ;)

Getting piggybacks ride from cousin E. It was hit and miss but finally got one of both of them smiling!

Hanging (and riding) with cousins

A nice picture of E and Raya riding Anela

Raya is such a copycat! She saw Aaron pose like this so she did the same thing! Silly!

David threw Raya up in the air a bunch of times and she loved it!

(only took David timing it right with the flash to get it focused better and not super blurry!)

Father's Day 2011

Happy Father's Day, David! We love you!

(We took pictures this morning)

David even had a solo in sacrament meeting! He did a really good job!

A bunch of people were really surprised how well he did and even said he should sing MORE solos! ;)
There was a wall of pictures that the Primary kids drew of their dads.

Aaron drew a picture of David - obviously! ;)

Can you see the resemblance?

Aaron did a really good job! Thanks for being an awesome dad and husband!

Update: I made Chicken Divan for dinner per request. It's super easy and super yummy!

(it's actually two pictures, one from right out of the oven an the other showing the yummy insides!)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday June 18, 2011

Aaron is using chopsticks for the first time at a wedding reception. No, I haven't taught him how to use them either because I can barely use them properly myself! ;)

Raya is very stubborn and independent. She was determined to eat, drink and get ice all by herself.

Posing for the camera

(the pictures look so different because they were edited with different apps)

David just cut his hair today! Doesn't he look good?

I borrowed my sister's peacock feather earrings and I'm considering borrowing them permanently! I've always wanted a pair!

Kidding Olivia!! ;) I'll get my own!

When we got home the kids (plus David) knocked out!

Luckily I put the pillow on the ground. I went to the loo and when I came back, this is what I found.

It would've been awful if it was the hard tile floor!

Later that night we decided to use our 2 Living Social/Fandango movie tickets that we got for $9 to watch Green Lantern in 3D at Windward Mall. We had to leave Aaron with my in-laws since the deal was for only 2 tickets and it would've cost MORE to bring Aaron along to the movie. Luckily Aaron ended up ok with that idea.

Popcorn all in her mouth.

It was a pretty good movie. I enjoyed it!

I think it also helped that I didn't have any expectations for the movie.

These were pictures from the reception earlier. Raya and Aaron didn't want to stay seated so we went into the foyer.

Raya was tired and fussy.

I just wanted to get the pictures up on here ;)