Sunday, October 28, 2012


One day when I was at work, I had a chance during my prep to work in the library, in the A/C so I took it.

Found some birthdays. Do you think that these describe the following people? 

Tsunami 2012

This is the third tsunami warning we've experienced. Every time, David has been on the ball and got everything we need together while he tells me what to do. I am so not prepared for any kind of emergency that I really do need to be told what to do. After this experience, we totally need to get EVERYBODY'S 72 hour kit together ASAP. 

When I heard about the tsunami warning, I literally froze and did nothing for like half an hour. David was volunteering at Haunted Lagoon and had the car. My mind was going a million miles a hour and I didn't know what to do first so I just sat there. I finally got my butt in gear and just started packing about three days worth of clothes for everyone. Thank goodness I have a bag fetish and had enough bags to put stuff in. 

David came home around 8-8:15ish or so and rolled into high gear. He grabbed what he had packed up from the last time we had a tsunami warning and put food and other important items into bags, told me what else to get and grab and we quickly packed up the car. 

The kids were so confused and kept asking where we were going and I kept snapping at them to just sit down and wait until we told them to get in the car. Poor kids, I'm sorry I snapped but Mommy was small kine freaking out and rushing like a maniac.

We drove up to Pearl City to stay at his Grandma's house along with his parents and siblings.
Most of us stayed up and watched the news, some fell asleep. The older girls, Hi'ilei, Mimo and Anela fell asleep quickly. Aaron and Raya refused to go to sleep because some of their cousins and Makana were still awake. They just wanted to play and not lay down and go to sleep. It was pretty frustrating since I was so tired and just wanted to rest. I ended up getting no sleep but I guess that is to be expected. 

The tsunami warning got downgraded to an advisory around 1 am so we headed back home. 

I also think the kids didn't want to sleep since it was probably exciting for them to be with their cousins so late at night. I'm thinking we need more sleepovers or play dates so they can get their family fill. 

I'm really glad that not too much damage was done and we were able to get home safely. Here's to hoping that we,  I, am more prepared next time! But I'm really hoping there is no next time!

Kindergarten Pictures 2012

Aaron is in Kindergarten this year and loving it so far. Sometimes it's hard to believe he's almost 5! Where the heck did the time go? He's turning FIVE this Thursday so I'll try to remember to do an update post like I used to back...a long time ago.

Look at that smile! Who's grown up child is this?!

Aaron even chose the color of his background for his school picture. He sure does love the color red!

I did the picture in the bathroom. It had the best light in the house/apartment at the time, hence the toothbrush

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Break 2012

Aaron and Raya fighting over this one book even though we have five million other books in the house. Oh siblings. 
 Aaron saw me getting ready to take a picture so he poses and Raya hides her face.

Raya wanted me to paint her nails pink and put hearts on it like I did earlier. But then right after I finished putting the last heart on, she insisted on taking it all off. At least she's using up the pink nail polish!
 Aaron got this awesome General Conference packet from Laie 4th Ward Primary Presidency to keep him occupied. He was occupied for the first two sessions and then got tired of writing down what he heard. He got really mad when I told him we had to watch two more sessions the next day.
I really should be a better mom and prepare conference activities for them next time. I'm just not as prepared as other moms. I gotta be better in the future. Sometimes I feel sorry for my kids cuz I'm not as cool as my other mom friends. 
 Raya colored her two pages in like five minutes. Next time, more coloring pages and actually plan activities for them. This way I can listen/pay attention better and they won't bother me as they jump around on the couch.
 Raya let me put her hair up in funky pigtails! An hour later, she took them out.
 I was singing the theme song with her and she got mad at me. She told me to be quiet because she wanted to "sing it all by myself".
 She loved the flower in her hair. I love that smile.
 I already shared this picture in the previous post but this did happen during the Fall Break.
 Laie 4th Ward Camp was at Cricket Field this year. It was super hot. Luckily we have awesome people in our ward that make it fun anyway. Elizza Keni tie dyed shirts! I made one for David but I (didn't know I wasn't supposed) wash it and dried it so now the colors' are lighter. shucks.
 I should have worn gloves as I put the dye in the bottles.
 Aaron was invited to his first official (not family) birthday party that he went to on his own. It was a Phineas and Ferb theme. It sounded super fun and he got this super cool Perry hat!
 Now I kinda feel like I should probably have a birthday party for him so he can invite his friends from Kindergarten...

Ward Camp had an activity night and the kids had a dancing /musical chairs game and some of the kids ended up on the table. haha.
 Raya and Aaron had fun dancing with the the kids. After the kids went, some of the Relief Society ladies did it too. We tried to get the men but they were too busy playing football!

 I'm really enjoying using tape to make cool designs on my nails. It's pretty fun.
I'm sure we did more but that's it for now. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

David, Aaron & a Bike

David is much better at teaching Aaron how to ride a bike than I am. Aaron was so not excited to be riding his bike without training wheels.

David kept at it and even though Aaron would crash because he couldn't keep his balance, he still went back on the bike (without crying too much) and tried again. Ok, maybe we made him try again.

David moved the lesson to Laie Park and eventually Aaron did it! He rode the bike! He lasted a lot longer than before, circled a couple times and still small kine fell but he's definitely a lot more confident than before.

Let's hope he keeps it up and hopefully soon he can ride on his own!

Thanks David for being more patient than I am and teaching Aaron how to ride a bike!

Monday, October 1, 2012

David is Now Staple Free

Aaron giving David a shot while we were waiting for the doctor to come take out his staples. Look at how intense Aaron's face is! Haha!

Raya giving David a band-aid after his shot.

(took an hour and twenty minutes for the doctor to take less than five minutes to take them out)

You can bet he's gonna be going out to play basketball tomorrow night!