Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Raya's in Preschool!

We have so much to catch up on! First we'll start with Raya and preschool.

She turned three in November and received a Kamehameha preschool scholarship so she was able to get into Bright Beginning preschool in Hauula at the beginning of second semester in January. It's all day, every day and she loves it.

I love that she loves it. She was so ready to go to school. She was always asking when she could go to school since Aaron started Kindergarten.

The other pictures of her actually IN school were courtesy of one her teachers who we happen to be friends with.

Apparently she loves to play dress up and play with her friends. She's learning her abc's and numbers as well as how to write her name and letters. She's getting the hang of it but I'm not too worried about her progress since she'll probably be in preschool for another 2 years.

(They might have a rule change in the upcoming years where your child has to be five years old by the time school starts and since she has a late birthday, she'll have to wait a whole year. I really hope they don't change it but we shall see.)

She's made lots of new friends, learning and when she's learned a new song, she'll come home and sing it all the time. It's te cutest thing ever! I might be a bit biased but I love when she sings the songs she's learned!

Running Fail

Trying to go for a 3 mile run while the kids rode their bikes was not one of my best ideas by far.

I couldn't really do anything since Raya would start crying if I went too far ahead and Aaron probably would have given up halfway on the bike path anyway. Sigh.

I ended up just running around the church parking lot while they rode their bikes ad I didn't have to worry too much about their safety.

Aaron got bored at one point so I raced him from one end of the parking lot to the other and then he stopped trying when it looked like I was about to win. He's so competitive. Gotta work on that "you gotta be ok when you lose" side of things.