Saturday, February 26, 2011

Raya the Comforter

Whenever Aaron starts to throw a fit or in the middle if one, or crying for one reason or another, Raya will walk up to him and try to make him feel better.

She even tries to wipe his tears.

Let's hope Raya keeps up the comforting. Or hope for Aaron to calm down his fits. ;P
Only time will tell.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I won a contest on Twitter! This was my prize! Soo cool!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The boys had to get their cavities filled today. So we ran a whole bunch of errands before their appointments. After the errands, it was just in time for lunch. Since we were in the area and had twenty minutes before it closed, we called and placed an order!

Oh how I love the deliciousness of Mitsu-ken garlic chicken! Mmmmmm...
After lunch it was cavity time!
First, David and then Aaron.
Here is Aaron afterwards in the elevator.

He did pretty good. (The dentist people didn't say anything bad...)

It was a packed day but it was nice to be with the family!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Valentines Day

Went out to eat

Aaron and his randomness

Using our gift certificate to Angel's.
David got almond praline in a waffle cone.

I got a mint chocolate chip milkshake

Raya taking a bite out of the ice cream

Aaron enjoying the shake

Raya wiping her face

Look at David's face! Lol!

It was a fun night spending Valentine's Day with the family. :)

Raya's new baby doll

Our upstairs neighbors are moving and gave this baby doll to Raya. She LOVES her. I was surprised actually. But when asked where her baby is, she'll go look for it, she'll hold it, hug and kiss it. It's super adorable!
The picture is really Raya smiling. I told her to smile for the picture and voilĂ !

Aaron took it away from her once and she cried and tried super hard to get it back! Of course I had Aaron give it back to her.

Don't they have awesome smiles?!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Random stuff from Jan 2011

He has A LOT of energy!

(I hope I didn't repeat any pictures.)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Boo boo

One Friday I get a call from Bright Beginnings Preschool. (Oh did I mention that he got into preschool at Bright Beginnings in Hauula? That'll be another post...I promise!) Back to my story. The call...

Aaron apparently was playing with a kid and knocked his lip on the other kid's head, which resulted in this...

You can't really tell in the above picture because I was taking it in the car from the front seat.

The picture below was the day later and we were at Costco and I noticed that it got bigger and yellow...

Sorry, there's some "see-food" in his mouth, we were eating the samples! But isn't that sore just so big?!

A couple days later, it went away...I think...I forgot about it...

27th bday part 2

Sunday was baby Zoe's blessing day. It was also my SIL's MIL's birthday. Since the whole family was going to be there afterwards, it was decided to have a day of celebration! Pii made shoyu chicken, salad, chicken nuggets (for the little kids) and a lemon cake.
My MIL & FIL made corn chowder and peach cobbler. We brought red velvet cake and ice cream.
It was fun being with family.

Monday was my actual birthday.
David got up early and made me breakfast! I took some of that breakfast to work.

I totally ate it at recess.
Now before I show you the picture, I have to tell you this. The week before my birthday, I playfully told my students that for my birthday I would like some paper and pencils so I could give it out to students who come to school without supplies!
Lo and behold, some of my first period students actually did!

One of my student's parent's work at Costco so he got me that huge pack of pencils on the right and 2 other students got me paper and pencils. I heart them. :)
My co teacher got me these. Yum. I LOVE mint chocolate!

My office mate and really good friend, got me this!!
A HUGE-MUNGOUS lollipop!

When Aaron saw it, he was so excited! I opened it at home and tried to take a picture of all the little pops inside but was unsuccessful.
My sister got me a funny shirt that has Captain Obvious on it and a Harry Potter jacket. Both from Threadless and a cool orange journal! Thanks Olivia!

For dinner, David made me exactly what I wanted to eat and I didn't even tell him! Isn't he awesome?! I would've taken a picture of it but as usual, I forgot cuz I was so excited to eat it!

I had a great birthday and even went for a little run.

I have 2 weeks till the GAR! eep.

Carol's 27th birthday early celebration

This year my birthday landed on a Monday and instead of waiting till then to celebrate, we did it early. Just the Saturday before early. Since we're members of the Cattle Company birthday club, they send you a coupon in your email for a free steak dinner with a purchase of an entree.
So of course we go and order some YUMMY food. See?!

This is me posing with the food embracing my Asian roots

Lunchtime is a really good time to go. They have this deal called the Noontime Feast. It comes with a drink, the entree, 2 sides and cookies!
I ordered the steak and lobster tail, garlic mashed potatoes and green beans sauteed with bacon. YUM.
David ordered a steak, coleslaw and a loaded baked potato.
After we ate, our server and some other people, came over with this...

...and sang me "Happy Birthday"!
Asian pose II


Did I tell you we dropped the kids off at the in-laws? Nice. It's been a while since we've went out without the kids.

Book: Bumpy Landings

Finished "Bumpy Landings" by Donald J. Carey. Set in Laie on Oahu and a good read!

He's also going to be doing a book signing at BYUH Bookstore on Thursday Feb 17 from 1-4pm. Check it out!

My friend Kama was the one that told me about it. She grew up with the author and he's actually going to be staying at her place while he's in Hawaii. Pretty cool!