Sunday, March 30, 2008

Aaron's First Tooth

On Friday, Aaron was wanting to bite my finger so I let him, he grabbed it and shook his mouth then I felt something poke me! WHAT?! He has a tooth?! David looked in his mouth, lo and behold, our little baby is growing one of his bottom teeth. We tried taking pictures, but he would quickly turn away

or make a funny looking face
or stick his tongue on top of the tooth
or even try to eat our fingers (although you can kinda see it in this one)
We then tried to take a video of his tooth
and that didn't work out too well either, so just know that it's there.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Cali Trip Part III

We're back! We've actually been back since Wednesday and been kept quite busy.
Tuesday was the last day in California and we went out to eat with my family, went to the mall and bought some clothes, hung out with my sister and mom and then we had a Chinese dinner at my parent's friends house. Since our flight was to depart at 7am, we had to leave the house by 5am. We ended up leaving at 5:15am and got to the airport at around 5:45am and by the time I checked in, it was like 6:05am and boarding was 6:15am. I was cutting it pretty close.
Some advice to all those who may go on a trip by themselves with a young baby who can't walk yet. If you're going to check your stroller at the gate, there are a few things you must do before walking through the gate.
First, take off your shoes, belts, cell phones, carry on bags and place them in the bin. Second, take your baby out of the stroller and proceed to collapse it to place on conveyor belt. If you remember to do all this, you won't feel so dumb like I did when I had to go through the gate like 5 times in order to pass security.
When I went through Hawaii security, the guard was nice enough to help me with the stroller so I didn't feel so silly. When I was on my way home going through Oakland Airport security, the guard just looked at me like I was retarded, told me I had to collapse the stroller and stood there waiting for me. It's kinda hard to do when you're holding a baby in your arms and you're still not good closing the darn thing. Good thing, there were nice people behind me who helped with the stroller. I went through the gate but was holding Aaron's toys so I was asked to go back out, put the toys in a bin and come through again. And then there's the putting on your shoes with the stroller still on the conveyor belt and holding the baby. Next time I should bring the front carrier or something to help with security.
The flight home to Hawaii was pretty good. Since it was still early Hawaii time, Aaron and I slept for the most part so that was nice. The flight attendants in our section loved him. I had asked them to hold him so I could use the bathroom. He was all smiley and just loving it. Later on, they asked if they could hold him again. They had a great time!
All in all, it was a fun trip but next time, I want David to come along! It's no fun without him.

Monday, March 24, 2008

CA Trip Part II

On Sunday, we went to the Chinese Branch that meets in Oakland by the temple. I think my mom told everyone that Aaron would be super huge or something and they figured he would be since they remember David being so tall. Some people gave us gifts, which were of course, clothes, but they were all 12M & 18M sizes and they thought it would fit him now. My mom bought him a 2T jacket thinking he'd fit it but he's not even that big yet. At least now he'll have clothes fo when he's older. During church, Aaron got really restless and started screaming so I had to take him outside. Olivia and I went to the visitor's center since her Sunday school relocated and had class over there.
Aaron started playing with these flowers and I got this shot of him with a big piece of drool on his mouth. He still hasn't learned how to swallow his drool yet. We hung out there until class was over and we went back to the chapel. In Relief Society, there were the 3 sister missionaries that I had either seen or known from BYUH. What a small world!
After church we took some pictures on the temple grounds. After we went home, my sister drove me to go visit 2 of my friends. She had to take me since I can't really remember where anything is. It was nice to see my friends, too bad I forgot to take pictures! I don't really talk to anyone from high school anymore, I just don't have the time. Too bad I don't have more time to visit more people. They'll just have to come down to Hawaii!!
That evening, a really good friend of my parents treated us to dinner and that is where I had a bowl of turtle soup! I didn't know I was even eating it until I was done and my sister told me. Thanks a lot Olivia.
Today, we went to eat at a buffet and walked around San Francisco's famous Chinatown. My family bought some Chinese movies, pastries and other food stuffs. It was some good times. Although, I must admit that going up the steep hills caused me to huff and puff several times. (I must get back into shape!) We visited some of my parent's friends, they gushed over how cute Aaron, took some pictures with him, got some more presents and more gushing. Afterwards, we went back to Fremont and I visited my friend at her workplace, went home, watched more Chinese movies and ate Chinese food. It was a Chinese filled day, more Chinese than Aaron has ever experienced in his 4 and a 1/2 months.
Tomorrow's our last day and then it's back to good ol' Hawaii. I can't wait!
I knew things in Hawaii were far away but you don't realize how far you have to drive to go to Costco in Hawaii until you have a chance to drive to a Costco that's 3 minutes away from where you're living. There are so many places for you to eat, shop, and so fast. I miss the laid back atmosphere in Hawaii.


Last Saturday, there was a Primary Easter Egg Hunt and they invited ALL the kids in the ward, so took Aaron to go. It was going to be a the beach but because of the rain, they relocated to the chapel instead. They had different sections for the different ages for the hunt. Me and Aaron picked up three eggs and watched everyone else excitedly pick up the eggs. Plus it was hard for me to pick up the eggs because I was holding him and trying to bend down to get it. That's why we only ended up with 3 eggs. We got a prize though for having the least eggs, a yellow bunny.
I love this picture of Aaron with his bunny ears.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

California Trip Part 1

I figure I should update now to avoid a super long post in the future since you all know I tend to ramble.
Me and Aaron went on an airplane and traveled to California to visit my family. He was a pretty good baby and only screamed a couple of times but otherwise slept most of the flight. There is something about airplanes that makes one tired. I slept a bunch too!

The next day, we went on the BART with my sister to visit my mom's work and ultimately, have her show off her grandson to her office. Here is his fan club, all the ladies that just couldn't get enough of him!
Then we went to go eat with a family friend and my mom insisted that he wear a jacket but the jacket is way too big, you can barely see his hands and the hood is huge!The next day was supposed to be spent out in town but we ended staying at home and watching Chinese movies with my parents. We did go out but we spent a lot of time at Costco and at JoAnn Fabrics for my sister. My mom insisted that we buy some rice cereal for Aaron and I guess it was a good idea. When we started eating ice cream, he kept grabbing my hands to try and get some. So we made him some and he kept attacking my hand and holding onto the bowl and made a super huge mess! We had to bathe him and my mom and sister brought the tub they had gotten him to wash him. Our sink is too small so he's only ever taken showers and looked so confused since he hasn't ever been in a tub before.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Bumbo Chair

We finally got Aaron's Bumbo chair.

We had noticed the chair at our friends house so we wanted to get one. It's made for them to learn to sit on their own and it can also keep them still while feeding them baby food. They were expensive in the stores, but David found one online that also came with a tray so we bought it! It was taking a while to get here so we emailed the seller and found out that it was accidentally sent to Moloka'i! Because of this mixup, the seller compensated our wait time with a sippy cup and eating utensils. When we got it we found that he also put a toy in there!

When he first sat in the chair he would sit there for a couple seconds and then STRETCH!!

He's got some thickness in his thighs and if he just has his onesie one, his thighs get stuck to the chair and we have to push the bumbo off! HAHA!! He is getting better in his chair, but for some reason, he was starting to lean forward and to the side...what a weirdo.

I think he's liking the chair and getting used to it...
Here, he's trying to watch TV
Probably a little confused since it's all upside down

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hubby Tag

What is his name: David
How long have you been married: In July, it'll be 2 years
How long did you date: About 11 months and 6 months engaged...
How old is he: 24
Who eats more: he does
Who said I love you first: He did... I think it was when we were studying together in the library...
Who is smarter: He is more logical and definitely more math minded than I am, I just read a lot and even then, he's still smarter than I am
Who does the laundry: mostly me but he does it too
Who folds the laundry: Mostly I do but he does it too
Who does the dishes: He does afternoon dishes and I do dinner dishes
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: I do
Who pays the bills: I do. me
Who cooks dinner: Me, when I'm not super tired from work, well we both do it.
Who drives when you're together: He does. I'm horrible at directions...and not so great at driving either
Who is more stubborn: um... I don't know. Never really thought about it.
Who proposed: He did. Here's the story from our wedding website. I didn't want to retype it.
It was Christmas 2005. All the way down in the bottom of her stocking was the engagement ring. As Carol rummaged through the gifts, she came upon this neatly wrapped glistening box. As she began to open the present, David tried to fool her and make her stand up and kneel by saying 'I'm looking for something'. The plan failed as Carol threw the box down onto the couch to help him 'look'. Alas, there was nothing to look for. He grabbed the closest object next to him and said, 'I found my lollipop'. Sitting back down, she continues to open the present and comes to this white ring box, but she doesn't know what it is. David's little sister, Hiilei exclaims 'That's the same box Mailani(David's other sister) has. It's a necklace and earrings.' Not even part of the plan, but it fits in so well and Carol is fooled. She opens the box to see the engagement ring. Hiilei then says, 'Who put that ring in there?!' And David says 'I did.' Then he proposed and Carol replies 'Yeah.'
Who has more friends: We have a lot of the same friends so it doesn't really count...well maybe me cuz I've moved around a lot but who has more friends that we keep in touch with?... David.
Who wears the pants in the family: David

What is something you love about him: He makes me laugh. He has a great laugh... and smile.He's silly, we have so much fun together. He sings really, really well. He can put Aaron to sleep by singing cuz I know Aaron could never go down if I sang. He's much better with Aaron than I am. He knows how to get from one place to another, he has really good memory. (much better than mine.) He loves me no matter how dumb I get and he's really, really, ridicuously good looking!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Little old chinese man

When Aaron was younger, some people said he looked like a little old chinese man and here is a picture that proves that point. It's amazing to see how much he has changed in 4 months though. He's even more cute now, but doesn't look as old. Just a little something to share. Have a great day!

Aaron when he was a week old
Aaron now

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Aaron is 4...

...4 months old that is. Here are some updates on our baby...
Just giving everyone a little shaka!
Yesterday he went to the doctor's to get his second dose of immunizations. He was really good about it. He would only cry when the needle went in (3 needles!!) After that he was fine, he's a good baby. He was still the smiley old self that he is.
He was also weighed and measured to check on his progress. Our little Aaron is 15 lbs 10 oz and 25 3/4 inches. So according to the growth chart, he's basically taller than he is heavy. (Didn't get that from me!!)

Aaron has these 3 month old shorts that his Uncle Danny and Aunty Pilar gave him for Christmas and he still can't really fit them. There's a lot of space between him and the shorts. He can still fit his newborn shorts but it's getting a bit snug. He has 3 month old onesies that are getting harder to put on him. We're going to have to pull out the bigger clothes!

Aaron is so fun. He likes to stand and then spread his arms wide open and as he tries to balance himself, he bounces and looks like he's dancing. (He's gonna take after Daddy!)

Aaron has also discovered his hands and just loves to eat them. He'll suck on his fingers and he hasn't quite figured out how to swallow. He'll be eating his fingers and all his drool comes down all over his mouth and gathers on his shirt. He just loves the fingers. He's also found out that he can suck on his thumb to help him fall asleep instead of the pacifier. He'll still take the pacifier but he also sucks his thumb.
It's so cute...just when to stop him so it's not a habit when he gets older...? We got him some teething rings because we thought that would help him and he'd like sucking on that instead of his fingers. When we first gave them to him, he would get really frustrated because he couldn't get the ring into his mouth and he start to cry, drop the ring and then proceed to suck his fingers. But now he's starting to get the hang of it! He still gets mad sometimes but at least he's getting it into his mouth and he's able to suck on it for a little bit.

He's also starting to roll from front to back and back to front. He's starting to like being on his stomach. When he was younger, he would hate it and if we put him on his stomach, he would start crying and crying and get all red until we put him on his back. I think he's starting to get used to it and is putting his head up and once he was on his knees and pushed himself up.

Wow, you've made it all the way to the end of the post! Hope you've enjoyed reading about Aaron! Come again soon!! Love you!! ;D

Monday, March 3, 2008

Laughing at himself

Aaron laughing at himself in the mirror.

He's so funny and cute. Starts off laughing,

then eventually gets bored and not so happy.