Sunday, May 29, 2011

Raya - 18 months

I have been totally slacking on doing Raya's stats and updates. So this post is gonna be super long. :)

So let's see, we just had Raya's 18 month checkup and she now weighs 20.3 lbs and approximately 30 in. I say approximate because Raya started freaking out on the scale so the nurse didn't get a good read on her length. Plus the doctor said that she should be at least 32 inches which would make more sense the way she's been growing. Raya freaked out again when the doctor came in and would NOT stop crying. The shots at the end of the visit didn't really help much either. She kept showing us her bandaid afterwards.
Raya is a very strong willed, stubborn at times, independent, sweet little girl. She likes to do things on her own and I think she thinks she's older than she really is. She wants to do whatever Aaron is doing and willing to fight for what she wants. Or she can also be super mellow and let things roll off her back. She's content as long as there is someone familiar in the room. She likes to do her own thing and wanders off exploring ( I imagine).
Words she says: dop=stop, momma (it seemed like it took her forever to finally say it!), dadda or dadad, aayon - Aaron, baby for babies and her baby doll that she absolutely loves.

No, which she sometimes drags out like a "nnnnno!", she already has a little attitude.

This picture is an actual picture of her saying "nnnoh!"

Mo for more, mama for grandma, baba for grandpa. Poo when she has a dirty diaper. She likes to drink from her own cup. Raya loves to eat and she'll be your BFF, if you share your food with her. She also likes to share her food.
She loves to sing! She knows the hand motions for "eensy weensy spider", "Popcorn Popping" and " Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". She also likes to sing along to "Baby" by the Biebster, some Bruno Mars songs. Raya is awesome!

She likes to dance, color slash write on anything she can get a hold of. She likes to bite crayons, something we'd like her to stop doing :)
Sometimes she can be super clingy, ok, a lot of the time. I think especially now since both of us work now and she gets dropped off at her grandma's house. She thinks if we set her down, we're going to leave her.
Raya is super sweet to babies and talks to them in a super high voice, pats them real gentle on the back, gives kisses. It's super cute.

She gives real sweet hugs and kisses. When Raya hugs, she'll pat you on the back. I love it!
Sometimes she'll make that face in the third panel, like what are you doing?

She is very expressive. She likes to pose and smile for the camera now that she understands what the point of the camera is!

I love these pictures of them!

So...that's pretty much Raya...I know there's more but that's all I have for now!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Preschool graduation leis

Modeling the leis that I put together for Aaron's preschool graduation tomorrow.

Much thanks to Lindsey P. for the pencil idea which got my brain rolling with ideas...and mucho gracious to Kama L. for her awesome supplies and ideas! ;)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dance Festival 2011

We participated in our stake's dance festival. Our ward did swing and we also combined with the Laie 6th Ward youth.
I didn't have a long enough skirt or anything that was required for the costume. Luckily Mailani had an outfit I could borrow!
Don't you love David's hat?
Mailani and Olivia came to help watch the kids and us perform! :D

Our first attempt at posing for the camera. David looks really good!
The second attempt...David still looks good!
I am so not photogenic! But we sure had fun!! lol
There's a video of which I will upload later! 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Aaron's first May Day

 This was Aaron's first May Day. I know I was supposed to blog about him going to Bright Beginnings Learning Center (preschool) ages ago but this will have to do for now.
This was right after he got dressed with his costume. (minus the black pants which we luckily were able to borrow from our friends!)
Raya wanted to take pictures too! I love their Asian eyes and big smiles!
Ariana and Aaron in their costumes!
 Aaron and Ariana again. This time, Aaron has a green mohawk to complete his rocker look!
I think this picture of Aaron caught off guard is hilarious!

Raya was exhausted. She also takes after her dad...they can fall asleep anywhere in any position! :D

To see more pictures, check out the album on Facebook. Just click on this link and be my friend! :D

I took a video of Aaron's performance but I still have to upload it. I will let you know how to view it once that it uploaded! :D
Meanwhile, enjoy a little story about his performance.

 He did really well in the beginning and you can totally hear him yelling his part over the music! It's hilarious! BUT then, you can see some kid comes in late and stands right next to Aaron. When it's time to move to their other area, you can totally see that kid take Aaron's guitar and runs to his spot so Aaron ends up looking all lost and looking for his guitar. I didn't really notice what had happened until later when I finally realized he needed that guitar. I think that's one reason why he stopped dancing. I probably should've done or said something but I didn't. Bad mom! I should've told a teacher. Lesson learned.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Post-it Flags and Raya

Raya found my Post-it Flag highlighter/pen combo while I was with the Young Women making cards for our fundraiser.

She took all the flags out and threw the on the ground as well as stuck them on her face.

At least it kept her entertained! Silly girl!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Running and the Playground

I went for a "lazy" run today. Lazy as in I walked and/or stopped to talk! Lol!
We stopped at TVA Playground so the kids could run around for a bit.
They both ended up on the slide so I took some pictures.
Raya was so not ready to have her picture taken!

I love that Raya is totally sticking her tongue out!

Now they're both ready! I love their big smiles!

Here's Raya saying "no" to getting her picture taken

Aaron swinging like a monkey!

YouTube Video

Raya sliding down the slide
Here's my attempt at editing the two videos into one on my Vimeo app

YouTube Video

Monday, May 9, 2011

Rewind - April 2011

Haha! I thought this was so far away but it was just last month!
We dyed some Easter eggs!
This was David's and mines.  He dyed it a much better orange than I did. My egg looks pink-ish.

 Here is everyone's eggs. I tried to get the designs on there.
I ended up just laying it out. You can see Olivia's panda on her egg. Aaron wrote his name, so did David. Raya just scribbled on her eggs, just like Aaron.
Close up of Aaron's egg.
The other side of Olivia's egg said "Easter"
Look, you can see David's name on his egg!

This is without the flash! :D
Olivia took a picture of Aaron while he was playing games! LOL.
We had an Easter Egg hunt the next morning but I haven't uploaded those pictures yet so that'll have to be another post! Stay tuned! :D

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rewind - Feb 2011

We did not take any pictures in January on our camera. I have no idea why. 
This is in February and I believe I took this picture because Raya just went and sat next to Aaron while he was watching something. 
Yes, he was still sucking his thumb. I think he's kicking that habit but I'm still crossing my fingers nonetheless.
In this picture, it looks like they're both trying to wink! LOL
 I know Aaron's still sucking his thumb but I absolutely LOVE the smile on Raya's face!
 Asian eyes!
 Aaron took this picture of the TV.
 I think he might have taken this picture too!