Wednesday, April 25, 2012

3.17.12 - Face Painting

It started out so innocently with a princess crown on her right cheek.

 But than as the day went on, she got more face paint, then hands, then legs, then thumbs... She sure had fun playing with the Keni girls!

Aaron and Raya helping take down the EZ Corner

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"Your Leg Will Fall Off"

Aaron fell in the parking lot after mutual and hurt himself. He would not stop crying until we got home.

Of course, being mom of the year, I took pictures before I went to clean him up.

He did not want me near his knee or hand. I finally just told him I had to wash off his germs or his leg would fall off. That got his attention. Through his tears, he agreed.

When I was bathing him and cleaning his "wounds", he asked if both legs would fall off, I had to reassure him that since the germs were being washed off, he'd be fine. He still insisted on a bandaid after his shower but I convinced him that he was fine.

This was so funny...yet really sad at the same time.

Was I horrible in telling him that?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

2012 Bright Beginnings Easter egg Hunt

I went real quick to Aaron's Easter party at his preschool to watch him get his eggs from the Easter egg Hunt. He was doing real well

but then the hunt started.

Here's a really funny/sad picture of Aaron getting upset that he couldn't get his egg he had his eye on in like the first 5 seconds of the hunt.
I tried to get him to run and get the other eggs but he refused to run and get more. He ended up getting 2 eggs.

His friend Ambrose came by and asked how many Aaron had, saw that he had 2 and said "you can have some of my eggs" and promptly gave him several of his egga from his basket. My heart melted! Thanks Ambrose!

My friend, Iwa, also went around and told the other kids to also share with Aaron so his basket got filled. Yay! I'm glad his friends shared.

Although sometimes I feel like I hinder Aaron when I'm "at" school with him. I wonder if I wasn't there that he would've been fine and gotten other eggs on his own.

This was too funny and sad not to share! More pictures to follow!