Thursday, April 24, 2008

1st time at the beach

We took Aaron to the beach that's across from our house. We put him in the water and he was so scared! He wouldn't stop crying the whole time! So we thought the sand would be a better place. Nope, still cried. I think maybe next time we should try bringing the water to him slowly to get him used to it.

Watching the waves with Dad.

What is this I'm sitting in?


Mommy, no!
Don't let me touch the water!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Growing up

Aaron is growing up so fast.

He wants to take pictures, but just can't get to the camera.

Drinking from his sippy cup every now and then like a big boy.

With two teeth, eating the baby mum-mums, starting in his mouth

then when he wants to smile, it gets stuck to his lips cuz it gets mushy fast.

But he'll probably never grow out of making funny faces when playing with Daddy.

Laie Theatres

Laie Theatres are going to close today! Workers just found out earlier this week that the parent company has decided to close it.
NOW what are we going to do? I know we complain about it but at least we could go somewhere if we didn't want or have the means to go to town to watch a movie!

Watch the news clip here:

I really hope they can do something and keep the theatre running!

Monday, April 14, 2008

I'd like to thank...

Our blog got an award!

It cheers my friend Liz up! I think it's cuz Aaron is so darn cute! Haha. Just kidding! no, seriously...
I'd like to first thank my husband for making our blog look and sound awesome. I couldn't have done it without him. I'd also like to thank Aaron for being so darn fun and funny. Look baby, you're on the computer! Lastly, I'd like to thank Liz for reading our adventures!! and awarding the award. It's our first! I feel so loved!

I love to blog. I like writing about what we've done and I love getting comments cuz then I know that people are reading about us. I agree with Liz and how it has totally kept me in touch with people that I've lost contact with and people I never would have in the first place. I love reading about other people and how they're doing and pictures. Pictures are fun to see!

Anyway, I must now award this award to those who have cheered me up with their blog. If you get it, you must then award 10 other blogs who have cheered you up.

In no particular order:

Jake & AJ

Congratulations everyone!! Keep it up!
I would have included Liz's but she already got it...

Sippy Cup

"What Mom?? Didn't you want me to drink from this thing?"

"Chew to drink...right?"

"How do I drink from this again?"


"Why isn't water coming out?"

Saturday, April 12, 2008

7th Ward Variety Show

Daddy is a counselor in the BYUH 7th Ward. They had a variety show. Here I am with Daddy and Uncle Luke.

One of the girls did a balloon shaping talent and I got a hat!

It was bigger than I was!

I'm playing with the camera case while we're waiting for the rain to stop. It didn't.

Daddy performed too!! He sang two songs and played his ukelele.

In the video, I was playing with my teething ring which has a rattle and I'm trying to take the camera from Mommy so that's why it's all shaky. Enjoy!


I like watching American Idol! I can't believe Michael Johns left!

I love my walker!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

King vs. California King

I have always wondered what the difference was between a King and a California King. When we went shopping for a bed at the Wholesale Mattress Company, I finally got my answer.
A King is 4" wider and a California King is 4" longer.
Since David is so tall, we went for the California King. We went and tested beds and man, did we get a deal! Since the mattress that we liked and wanted was overstocked and they needed to get them out of the store, the salesman offered us...the mattress, the box spring, the frame AND delivery for a total of $727!!!
Now we have a bed to call our own! I'm so excited!!

When we went to get our bedding for the bed, we went to Sears and guess how much we got the bedding for?... A California King comforter set was on sale... we paid $25!! I know! AND it's super nice! Yippee!!
Since we're moving into an unfurnished house, the next piece of furniture to get on our list was a couch. David went searching on craigslist for deals on couches. On Tuesday, we went out to Kapolei and got a sectional for $300!! It's really awesome! We now have a furnished house! Whoo hoo!! The next item...PACK!!

I hate packing...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tooth, Nikes, & Conference

About a week after we discovered his first tooth, I tried to get a better picture and was successful. This task also revealed a new second tooth which surprised us both. I guess he's just in such a hurry to eat some beef. You'll have to click on the picture or zoom in to see the second tooth, but you can see the first pretty well.

We just got him some nikes from savers just for fun and I gotta say he's pimpin' it. He looks surprised in this picture, like he's wondering where his feet are. Pretty funny.

This is him during his first general conference just following the example of others that were "watching" and contemplating Lehi's dream. Great conference by the way.

Friday, April 4, 2008

We're Moving!..again...

Our car got egged AGAIN! Yes, again! I came home from work on the bus and I walked by our car and I saw eggshells on the side mirrors and on the driver's door. I was really upset since our car was egged before and I have no idea who would do such a dumb thing! Since a couple was going to look at our place in like half an hour, we took pictures of the damage and David washed the car. Apparently it had been on there for a while or something because it wouldn't wash off with just the water, we had to rub it off. I want to report it to the police or something but really, what can be done?

We have been looking for a bigger place to live so Aaron can have more room to roam around and we finally found a bigger cheaper place in Laie. We went to look at the one bedroom and it was bigger than I thought it would be. We talked to our landlord to see if it would be ok to move up our lease from June to May since that was when the one bedrm was opening up. And they said if this other couple who was asking about it took it then it would work out.
The couple came a couple of days later and really liked it so they're going to take it! Our landlord said we didn't have to pay this month's rent since we had the security deposit! Score! So on Monday we're going to sign the contract and pay the security deposit for the new place!

Now we just have to start packing and figuring out the moving dates with everyone..