Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Read the Scriptures

I personally have always needed help reading my scriptures more consistently, so when a member in my ward told us about this website, we had to check it out! Actually, David started it first and I followed!

You choose where you want to start and when you want to finish reading! It sends you an email of the chapter and once you're finished reading, you click on the "completed" button and they'll send the next chapter! And if you fall behind, they'll email you a reminder to either get the email sent again or read it online. (I've had several of those reminder emails and I'm -- days behind)

When reading online, you can highlight and take notes! (something you can't do with the email) You can also write a journal on there.  There is also a "teams" feature that lets you create a group of your friends to remind each other to read and send emails of encouragement!

This is really awesome! I haven't tried all the features yet but it still is pretty cool!
Head on over and check it out! Unless you don't need help reading your scriptures like me! :P