Thursday, August 27, 2009


The Young Women and Young Men played kickball at Laie Park on Tuesday and Aaron came with me. He had so much fun playing with the kids that were on the sidelines. He would throw and catch the ball to them. He'd roll it and kick it around. It was so awesome to see him have so much fun. I'm glad we brought his ball because I'm pretty sure he'd have wanted to take the kickball so he could play too.

This ball actually belongs to our friends, Feki and Kieki's kids. We found it at the beach one day and they said we could keep it. That's why there's another name on there!

Monday, August 24, 2009


One Sunday in church, Aaron went to go play with a little girl and gave her a hug in sacrament.
He pulled away and the little girl didn't want him to go and BIT Aaron on the face!
He was so surprised that he started crying!
Aaron calmed down and even went back to play with her but when they hugged again, he made sure that his face wasn't close to her mouth!

If you look real close, you can see the bite mark on his cheek!

The HMMM face

I don't even remember how this started but his face is hilarious!

You just go HMM! and he makes that face!
Aaron cracks us up!

I have tried a money managing site called wesabe. I used it for like a month and then forgot all about it. It was also kinda bothersome because you'd have to go to your different money accounts and download your statements monthly and then upload it onto the website.

However, David found this really neat site called I really like this website because you can add all the money accounts you have and because you sign in securely, it will automatically update your transactions.

You can also make a budget and tailor it to your needs. It will also tell you if you've exceeded your budget for a certain area. You can label the different transactions according to what they are. If you write checks monthly for the same amount, you can make it so that instead of the label check, you can label it whatever it needs to be. For example, our rent is the same amount every month so every time the rent amount comes up, it's automatically labeled as RENT.
It's pretty awesome. It can even send you mobile alerts to when a bill is due (if you sign up for the texts). I believe there is even an app for it for the iPhone and iTouch. Check out the features HERE. If you're still not sure, check out their "about" page HERE.
I just really wanted to share that with you guys and hopefully you'll find it useful too.
(and I'll get back to blogging about us for real next!)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cousin Cora

This is Cora, Aaron's cousin. They are seven months apart. Cora is Danny and Pilar's daughter.

This was the first time they had ever met. I love them playing the piano together.

One of their first hugs. (Sorry I cut part of your head off!)

Here are the three little cousins enjoying some Funyuns together. They're so cute!
I wish I had better pictures but as soon as Danny and Pilar blog about Hawaii, I'll steal their pictures! (maybe...)
They sure had a lot of fun together! It was so cute!
We miss you guys! Come visit soon!!


I love it when Aaron reads a book. He puts his nose right in the book and starts talking about whatever the book is about.

click to enlarge
This is when we were waiting for our Kia to get it's regular check up.
Don't you just love the way he's all into the book?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Face Fungus

Aaron has had little spots on his face appear here and there ever and the doctor thought it might be eczema so we put some moisturizer on his face for a while and that didn't really work and then I stopped doing it.
The spots got bigger! click the picture to see!

click to enlarge
So we went to the doctor to see what was going on. The doctor thought that it might be some kind of fungus on his face and so he suggested that we try to put athlete's foot cream on it for a couple months 1-2 times a day.

Glad to say that it has been working and the spots are getting smaller and fading away!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Family Reunion (BEWARE...long post)

We went to Big Island for a family reunion and spent time with EVERYONE! It was so much fun!
My brother Luke dropped us off at the airport (so we wouldn't have to pay for parking) and then as he drove off, we suddenly remembered that we forgot to take out Aaron's carseat! ( was me that forgot to take it out!) Luke had to turn back around so we could drive Aaron around legally on the Big Island.
Our flight had a total of 15 Yuen's that were heading to the Big Island. Unfortunately our flight was delayed because of some technical difficulties so we were all transferred to another flight which happened to have David's sister's family on it. So that flight turned out to have 20 of us all going to the reunion!!

When we got to the Kona Airport, some of our bags were missing! So they said that we had to wait for the other flight to come in to see if it put there by accident. Well, everyone's bag started showing up and one our bags was not showing up! It was my duffel bag with my clothes, Aaron's clothes, diapers, our toiletries and our chargers. I was really bummed that it wasn't showing up. One of the workers there, who turned out to be an old housemate from BYUH days, told me that it could be on a flight coming in at like 3pm and so we could wait to see if it was on that flight. By that time, David had already gotten the rental car and ready to go to the hotel and relax. We decided to wait for the next flight and lo and behold, it was THERE!! Whoo hoo! I was so happy and relieved! I had no idea what I would do without all our stuff!
We checked in at the hotel and the first thing we did was go jump in the pool! We spent a lot of time at the pool while we were there! It was so much fun! Aaron loved it! I didn't take any pictures though. shucks.
The Saturday of the reunion, we went to Kohala since that is where David's grandma is from, and met up with the rest of the Yamamoto Ohana.

click to enlarge
We ate, we played Hanafuda, we ate some more, spent time with family, met family we've never met before or haven't seen for a long time.

click to enlarge
We played with party favors, blew bubbles and got to meet Lina Girl! (She plays in a group with one of David's cousins! COOL!!) She's super nice!

Unfortunately, the pictures on our camera are all blurry.
It sure was a lot of fun getting to spend time with all of the Yamamoto Ohana! Thanks for a great time!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Aaron likes bubbles and we got him some bubbles from a free garage sale and so when we went home we started the bubbles. I started blowing the bubbles but then he wanted to do it himself and dunk it in the "bubble juice" (solution! I just remembered the name for it!) and blow it himself.

click to enlarge
Now he loves to go outside and blow bubbles by himself and he has to hold the bottle too.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Feed Families

Just a quick post!

Did you know that you can feed families just by playing a game?!

Click HERE and feed away!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Yuen Ohana Photo Shoot

Remember how I told you that all of David's family was here in Hawaii? We decided to take some family photos since we were finally all together. It was pretty fun and chaotic trying to get everyone in one photo and in the right spot! She did an awesome job!

Click HERE to check out our photos taken by our talented friend Shanae Jones.

I LOVE all the pictures of my photogenic boys!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blogging Hiatus Reasons

I know, I know, I still haven't updated yet about the family reunion and the other pictures that I have yet to reveal that I need to upload but I have such a good reason for not blogging that you'll forgive me and wait patiently till I post "regularly".

1. David's younger brother Pono (the black arrow) just came back from the Japan Tokyo Mission and a couple days after that, David's older brother, Danny and his family, came to visit (They are the ones that have yellow arrows pointing at them).

We've been hanging out with them while they're here for another week.

2. I went back to work last Tuesday and have been in meetings and cleaning my room.
Let me rephrase that...DAVID came and basically set up my room. He got the computers hooked up and running, moved the heavy stuff out of the way and arranged the desks for me. Pretty much all the heavy lifting and furniture organization. I just sat in my chair and organized/filed/put away all the stuff that I moved from my other room.
Therefore not a whole lot of blogging.

3. Other various reasons that are too mundane for you to read.

Wanna see something neat? Our friend Shanae took our family pictures.
ALL 2o of us!
She did a great job and I can't wait to see all the photos.
To see the ones she posted on her photo blog, click HERE.

I LOVE this picture of David and Aaron.
(I totally should've taken off my glasses...oh well)